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EUGENIO ESPEJO convention center
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Eugenio Espejo Convention Center is part of fundamental idea thinking about options for tourism development in Quito. Its purpose is to become a space that contributes to the realization of cultural events, conventions, congresses and social events.
photo: Oliver Echeverria

The old Hospital Eugenio Espejo brings to memory epochs when was enhanced the medical profession, surgical skills and many other topics that form the history of this Center which is Cultural Heritage of Ecuador.

Its history dates back to the beginning of the 20th century as a result of the changes that took place as a result of Liberal revolution in Ecuador. At this time one of the main concerns was the development of medicine, so it was necessary to construct a civil hospital to replace the hospital San Juan de Dios, to convey this renewed mindset to the areas of health and social hygiene. "We can say that the new hospital was the result of a new thought established in the first five years of the 20th century, just in a moment of rupture in the development of social and scientific medicine, and evolution of national architectural manifestations."

The construction of the hospital was officially started in 1901. The levels were made a year later by the architect Francis Schmidt. The magnitude of the project was such as big that he considered the necessity to expand the dimensions of the field by buying some adjacent blocks to the hospital by the back. The construction took place until 1907, year in which the construction was suspended due to lack of resources. Construction was resumed in 1917; thanks to different economic mechanisms the construction restarted was possible.

This Convention Center, which currently has the most advanced infrastructure for the realization of cultural events, offers unique characteristics in a historic, and at the same time, renewed architectural spaces. "The Convention Center is strategically located between the old and modern Quito." "The original architecture of this heritage building combines harmoniously with modern elements to provide comfortable and multi-functional spaces".

It’s located in the Avenue Gran Colombia, Sodiro Street and Yaguachi, diagonal to Alameda Park. Attention to the public is carried out from Monday to Friday from 9 h 00-17 h 30. The official site is

Contact information:
Address: Sodiro and Valparaíso. Quito-Ecuador.
Telephones: (+593-2) 299 3300 Ext: 1050/ 1051 / (+593-2) 290 1333

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