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In Quito and Ecuador, technological coverage extends more and more. As technological and information market progresses in all the world, Ecuador, like the majority of Latin American countries, is updating their computer market, enabling better communication, global and national improved mobility.

Speaking about wireless internet connections, three telecommunications companies are working in Ecuador (Claro, Movistar, CNT) in order to offer the service of international roaming. These last ones allow the connection of any cell equipment or wireless modem to any of the three networks.

However, check it with your cell phone operator or internet supplier to find out if it has connection agreement with one of the three companies, actually working in Ecuador.
In addition, you should ask about specific requirements that may affect your computer communication during your journey or within Ecuador.

If you will bring your personal computer with you, remember that hotels in Ecuador can simplify your access to: business center service, widespread in the country; or you can go to any ‘cafe net’ (paid internet service) close to you.

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