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Quito is the perfect place to live thousands of adventures without traveling across South America. Located in the "navel of the world", Quito, Ecuador's capital, is located just few kilometers from the equatorial line, parallel 0 º

You'd think the climate is tropical all the time because it is located in the heart of equatorial line but be ready, Quito is a city full of surprises. Its climate, geography and history have turned the charmed and sacred valley into a vibrant metropolis full of emotions, in urban as well as in rural beautiful landscapes. Quito offers the tourists a large variety of experiences: adventure, party, entertainment and culture.


The most attractive activities in Quito are the adventure ones. This beautiful city is protected by the imposing Pichincha volcano and surrounded by landforms that have turned the closeness lands into temperate valleys, challenging ravines and cloud forests that extend until coast and Amazon.


In Quito you can go trekking, hiking, biking, watching numerous birds. Also, you can practice extreme sports, contact with nature in a way that can’t be done, except in Quito - Ecuador. From here you can go to beautiful beaches in the Pacific coast, or to the exotic Amazon Region, you are able to explore the enchanting landscapes of the Volcanoes Avenue. And you can discover the rich culture of people who live in the inter-Andean corridor. Once in Quito is impossible not to get wrapped up in the adventure.


In addition, experiencing just a little of the metropolis, you will easily find out why Quito was the first city declared as Mankind's Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1978. Owner of the largest colonial downtown and best maintained throughout America, its historic center is a place where history speaks from side to side in buildings, streets, structures and monuments.


In addition, Quito owns one of the most famous entertainment centers in Latin America: La Mariscal, better known as "La zona" is the area of ​​a small neighborhood located in the north-central city, where the party swarms in different bars, clubs and restaurants.All cultures are mixed in the ecstasy of Quito's nightlife.

Guápulo bohemian coffees, art exhibitions at the “Casa de la Cultura”, art-cinema displayed by the National Cinematheque (Cinemateca Nacional) and numerous theater and dance performance in various theaters. So, the city come up with numerous jazz concerts, chamber music, pop, rock, metal, punk and hip-hop, events take place at different spaces throughout the city. From the most popular music, the  cumbias and tecno- cumbias, even the most sophisticated, such as raves and small private concerts, Quito is a very cultural city, with various expressions beating in streets and theaters.


Quito is an adventure, come and live it.

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