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Ecuador's coast has a wide variety of tourist activities


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The beaches, coastlines, islands and islets of the entire Pacific coast of Ecuador are just a few number of the landscapes offered by this region of the country. It is necessary to emphasize that the coast is not only the beach; there is too much to see and explore, both in their cities and ports, and at the interior of the provinces with their landscape and communities.


With an area of ​​ 640 km. and a large waterway, this country has been privileged with beautiful beaches. The most famous are those belonging to the provinces of Esmeraldas, Manabi and Santa Elena. There are in Esmeraldas very famous beaches such as Atacames, Same, Muisne, Mompiche; in Manabi are: Pedernales, Ballenita, Crucita, Canoa and Los Frailes;  in Santa Elena are  the beaches of Montañita and Salinas, and in El Oro is located the Beach Jambelí. All beaches are visited throughout the year because Ecuador's geographical location allows waters remain at a good temperature (an average of 24 º C).


Sand and sea sports are practiced in different beaches, especially those closest to major cities (Quito, Manta and Guayaquil), Atacames, Manta and Salinas. There you'll find water sports of easy access with no trouble. The surf is particularly practiced; it is a very popular sport in less crowded beaches, such as Canoa and Montañita.


Besides the sports there are beautiful beaches part of Ecological Reserves and National Parks. As an example we have Puerto Lopez and Playa Escondida (Manabi).


Another attractive activity for tourists is the annually arrival (between June and September) of humpback whales, which come from the Antarctic to breed in warmer waters.


This phenomenon is observable from different points in the Ecuadorian coast: the Isla de la Plata is one of the best places in the world for whale watching.


In addition to the aforementioned activities, you can live a more real experience choosing a community tour package. There are several programs throughout the Ecuadorian territory. At the Pacific coast you'll know Afro-descendants, as well as share a variety of rituals of fishing that several villages practice along the coast.


There are two very famous routes to travel around the Ecuadorian coast: we have the Sol Route and the Spondylus Route. The first is a journey that starts at the city of Manta and runs through the coastal profile through Montanita, Salinas reaching Playas (Guayas). This route covers beaches, from the well-known and popular to unknown beaches.


The other route, the Spondylus, has a cultural tourism itinerary. Cross the paths by which the shell spondylus was traded (old pre-Columbian form of change). This route is integrated with destination to Peru. In Ecuador, the road departs from Quito or Esmeraldas, reaching Manta through Salinas’s coastal profile. Then is made an stop in Guayaquil to continue the journey by the remainders of the Ecuadorian coastal profile to Tumbes. Several destinations are not the same as the Ruta del Sol. This one includes aspects of archaeological interest, cultural and historical heritage.


Of course, we don’t have to forget the beautiful Galapagos Islands. But to learn more about the archipelago that enchanted Darwin we invite you to visit the section of the Galapagos Islands.


you should know this

There are beautiful beaches along the coast of Ecuador, especially those belonging to the provinces of Esmeraldas and Manabi, located at the north and west of Ecuador, respectively.


Several beaches in Ecuador are famous for been first class tourist and have large numbers of visitors; others are characterized by been small and hidden, with little arrival of tourists but of great beauty.


We highlight the beautiful Machalilla National Park coastline and its famous Isla de la Plata, worldwide known for being one of the best places for whale watching. And obviously, do not forget the Enchanted Islands: Galapagos.

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