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Surf in Ecuador

About surf (or surfing), Ecuador is a popular destination not only for its beautiful scenery, but because on its coasts there are waves and swells for all levels of experience in this extreme sport.


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The main destination for this activity is Montañita, in Santa Elena province. In addition to surfing in Ecuador, are spreading and popularizing sports like windsurfing, wake boarding and kite surfing.


 Ecuador is an ideal place for surfers because it has unique beaches with little arrival of visitors, even we have hidden and unknown beaches. Another advantage for the surfer are the low prices of stay and practice that this sport involves, in the country the prices are very low.


Due to the confluence of several ocean currents that reach the coast of Ecuador, the Humboldt current and El Niño current, its waters have a range temperature between  moderate to warm, i.e. pleasant temperature (21 º C average).


Also in almost all the coast, all that is south and center, throughout the year has mainly right-hand point breaks. In contrast to the north, specifically in the province of Esmeraldas, the currents have lefts and only common between December and April. The waves typically have altitudes up to 2 meters.


The most famous places to surf in Ecuador are: in the province of Esmeraldas, the south coast from the town of that name to Same and Mompiche. In the province of Manabi is the famous “Canoa”beach at the North. From San Mateo to the north in the province of Santa Elena;  at the  south of Punta Carnero, there is  all a stretch that includes the famous surfing destinations: Montañita and Salinas. Here you can find “Reef Breakers  and beach breakers "as well as left and right waves. Finally, to the south, in the Guayas province is the Playas/Gral. Villamil area, where are included Engabao and Shark Bay.


The best time to surf in Ecuador is between January and May, the weather is warm like the waves. Instead, from June to December the weather cools and the water isn’t so warm, though the south swell shows it full force.


About surfing in the Galapagos Islands, this sport is not very popular because of its cold waters and the only area where you can practice this sport is in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, including the famous Tortura Bay destination.  Despite that fact, we recommend you to visit Galápagos for all attractions that involves.


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The surf at the coast of Ecuador is widely practiced. You can find different packages and deals that will satisfy your thirst for adventure at  the sea. For more information visit our web page Travel Agencies and Tour Operators in Ecuador. Besides being practiced at the mainland coasts of Ecuador, the surf is also practiced in some beaches of the Galapagos Islands.

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