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Biking in Quito
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In addition to mountain biking, is spreading in Quito the urban cycling. Rather than as a sport biking is been used as a mean of transport.


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There are foundations and organizations that are focused with this goal: organize races, downhill championships and trips to many tourist and historical attractions, in and out of the capital of Ecuador.


This new biking movement in Quito struggled hard to get the creation of a bike path, an exclusive bicycle path that goes through all Quito from south to north and extends around for several cross. The project is in development but at the moment an exclusive bicycle path exist in the main central parks at the south and north of Quito, and a bicycle path around the area of La Mariscal.


The cycle path project is concatenated with a “Ciclopaseo” which takes place every Sunday from 8 am to 3 pm. The longitudinal axes (the main streets) are closed in Quito, from the Park of Los Recuerdos (North) to the sector Quitumbe (South) for the exclusive use of bicycles and pedestrians, which can cross the entire length of the city.


We provide contact information of the two organizations in a constant activism for the use of bicycles as alternative transportation. They also organize trips and alternative tours that may be of interest.


 Ciclopolis Foundation - Ciclopaseo Quito
Address: Equinoccio N17-171 and Queseras  del Medio Street
Telephone: (+5932) 322 6502 / 223 4475


Address: Isla Isabel 368 and Isla Floreana
Telephone: (+5932) 510 2461 / 245 6156



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Quito is a city where cycling has begun to acquire space and recognition as a mean of transport and not just as a form of recreation.


There are organizations that work to this result in Quito. They organize events such as races and rides, open to the public. Their contact information is at the end of this page.

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