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One of the best places for birding in the world is Ecuador, since our country has about 1,600 species of birds, representing more than half of all South American species.


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Ecuador's geography, particularly Quito’s geography and its surroundings is very special because it has one of the narrower parts of the Andes, as well as being one of the higher sections of the chain of mountains. Ecuador has a rich biodiversity, not only in flora but also in fauna. This condition promotes the existence of bird’s variety that have adapted to cold climates as well as to warm climates.


Another special feature of Ecuador is that it has endangered species. We are speaking about of the impressive condors, as well as countless species of birds that do not exist anywhere else in the world.


Some of the most famous species that inhabit the cloud forest of Quito are the cock of the rock, countless species of hummingbirds, the golden-headed quetzal, the woodpecker, tangara, aracari and their big brothers: toucans; among many others that get together with Ecuador's Andean birds, belonging to a higher altitude such as Andean hawks, falcons, gulls, ducks, curiquingues and the majestic Andean condor (one of the biggest birds in the world).


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 Ecuador has more than a half of all bird species in South America, which is why one of the favorite destinations around the world for bird watching is Ecuador.


Quito and its surroundings are one of the areas with the greatest diversity of birds in Ecuador. We are specially referring to all that is the Cloud Forest of Quito.


There are uncountable places for birding in Ecuador, contact your travel agency or tour operator for guidance.

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