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Horseback riding in Quito and its surroundings is one of the best experiences you will enjoy in Ecuador.


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The rides and pony rides are offered in a good number of tour companies in Quito. In the same way the vast majority of farms in Ecuador offer this service too.


 There are companies specialized in horseback riding, which work in conjunction with some agencies and tour operators, and can offer multi-day rides to different and amazing landscapes in the Sierra Region.


 Around Quito you can find some household chores that offer horseback riding into the cloud forest, as well as within the crater of Pululahua, to the Equator, in addition to archaeological destinations.


Other famous destinations of extraordinary landscapes to ride are:  Cotopaxi, Quilotoa crater lake, the majestic Antisana, among others. Also Andando Tours offers a special ride along the Inca Trail, crossing the great Avenue of the Volcanoes, a unique and unforgettable experience, held only once a year.


About the docility of the horses you should not worry because the companies offer very quiet horses or rough and fast horses, for all tastes and levels of experience.


Below is a list of the most recognized companies that are entirely dedicated to the rides and horseback riding in Ecuador.


The Green Horse Ranch
Location: Calacalí, Quito, Ecuador
PO Box 17-12-602 Quito-Ecuador
Phone: (+593) 8612 5433


Hacienda La Alegria
Location: Aloag, Quito-Ecuador
Phone: (+593) 9980 2526 / (+5932) 246 2319


Ride Andes


If you want to ride horses inside the crater of Pululahua we suggest you  to contact:

Hostal Pululahua Ecotourism Resort
Telephone: (+593) 9946 6636 / 9191 4333 / 8558 5171


In the case that you don’t want to go far away from Quito you can go up to one of the most attractive Quito viewpoints, Cruz Loma, which can be reached by a relatively hard walk of two hours, or you can decide to take the cable car( teleférico). Once on the top you can ask for rides.


Another option is to visit the following ranch:

San Jorge Eco-Lodge & Botanical Reserve
Location: Quito-Ecuador
Phone USA & Canada: (877) 565-2596


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In Ecuador horse riding is not practiced as a sport, but it is considered a touristic activity.

There are several programs that include tours and horseback riding throughout the Andes. Moreover there are exclusive horseback riding packages near Quito and to Ecuador spectacular places. To plan your ride in Ecuador we recommend you to contact the places listed in our website or contact the travel agency or tour operator of choice.

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