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Sumaco- Napo-Galeras National Park is a natural shelter with a great diversity of ecosystems and species of flora and fauna. Also the reserve has very important geological features and habitats to science and education.



Geographically, the region of Sumaco-Napo-Galeras consists of a volcanic massif with three peaks: the Sumaco volcano and Hills Cerro Negro and Pan de Azucar. There rise the Napo and Coca River basin. This region is one of the most biologically diverse areas in Ecuador and one of the few areas of the world with a variety of vegetation and life zones, from the Andean moor to the amazonic lowlands together, in a confined space.


Sumaco National Park is located in the northeastern Amazon region of Ecuador in the provinces of Napo, Orellana and Sucumbios (a small area at the north of Rio Coca).The Sumaco National Park occupies much of the Upper Napo River watershed. The natural reserve has an area of 205,249 hectares and an altitudinal range between 500 and 3732 m.a.s.l. It was created on March 2, 1994 by Resolution 009.


Sumaco area has been considered one of the exceptional wildlife areas since the 70's. Because of their physical, biological and cultural characteristics it should be part of the National System of Protected Areas of Ecuador (Putney, 1976). Later, in the 2nd Phase of the Conservation Strategy, was recommended its inclusion as a protected area (Cifuentes. et al. 1989).


In 1992, with the contribution of the German Bank for Reconstruction KfW, was done the feasibility study for the conservation of Sumaco area. This study recommended the establishment of a protected area under the category of National Park, which was completed on March 2,1994 with the declaration of Sumaco Napo Galeras National Park. The reserve covers a surface of ​​205,249 hectares, an area that became part of the National System of Protected Natural Areas and National Heritage Natural Areas of the State.


In 1995, through an agreement between the Governments of Ecuador and Germany, represented by the Ecuadorian Institute of Forest and Natural Areas and Wildlife INEFAN (now Ministry of Environment) and the Society of German Technical Cooperation, GTZ., was establed the Project Gran Sumaco whose objective was to contribute to the conservation of the park and to improve the social situation of the surrounding population.


On November 10, 2000 UNESCO declared Sumaco Napo Galeras as National Park, and its zone of influence was declared in the international category of "Biosphere Reserve", awarded only to protected areas of great natural and cultural value. Ecuador has the Galapagos, Yasuni and Sumaco Biosphere Reserves.


how to get there

There are two routes by which you can go to Napo Galeras Sumaco National Park.


The first one is by Baeza-Chaco-Reventador, which surround the western part of the park.


The second is by the road Jondachi-Loreto-Coca, which goes through the south side of the park.


It is recommendable to contact your travel agency or tour operator to organize the trip to this reserve and the Amazon region in general.

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