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One of the most unusual attractions of the area is “La Loma de Tres Cruces” (Hill of Three Crosses), this is one of the highest parts of the park where water fountains are divide between those that go to the Amazon and those that go to the Pacific.



The Cayambe-Coca National Park is located at the north of Ecuador, in the central and northern branch of the Eastern Andean Range, between the provinces of Imbabura, Pichincha, Napo and Sucumbios. The reserve has an area of ​​403,103 hectares and an altitude range that goes from 5,700 meters above sea level on the summit of Mount Cayambe, to 400 meters in the area near Lumbaqui, in the  Aguarico river.

The southeast part of Cayambe Coca National Park is close to Quito and the northeastern approaches to Colombia. The reserve is bounded by the Antisana Ecological Reserve at the south and at the east by the National Park Gran Sumaco. It was created by Executive Decree No. 818, on November 17, 1970.


The Cayambe-Coca National Park is the largest protected area with the biggest plant and animal diversity in Ecuador. It is composed of natural regions like: the Sierra region, with its moors; lakes and Andean forests; and the Amazon region formed by the eastern slopes of the range.

There are, at least, ten areas of life composed of Rainforest, Subtropical Rainforest, Subtropical Wet Forest, Lower Montane Wet Forest, Montane wet forest, Montane rain forest, Pre-Montane forest, Subalpine wet forest , and Nival.


Within the National Park There is an area inhabited by the Cofan population: Sinangoe, located in the Rio Aguarico. In this area are also predominants Quechua colonists at the south, Quichua community members from Oyacachi that have been leading into the National Park over 400 years. They are formerly known for the production of handicrafts in alder wood like spoons and pans engrave in stick. They also inhabit mountain settlers, mostly from the province of Carchi. In the area between the Cayambe volcano born several rivers from  eastern Ecuador that  are divided into two areas: river system Napo -Marañón-Amazonas, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean and the system of rivers Mira and Esmeraldas.


how to get there

To reach the Cayambe-Coca National Park  you must go to the town of Cayambe first, 75 kilometers north-east of Quito, then follow the road Olmedo-Laguna, in San Marcos.


The guardianship of the park is located in the stirrups of the Lake, 32 km from Cayambe.


To arrive at the main lodge of Cayambe volcano you should take the detour at the customs control in the road Guayllabamba-Cayambe, to the village Juan Montalvo.


There is another access road: Quito-Baeza-Lago Agrio.
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