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In the North of Quito, 170 km of distance, is the last remnant forest and  ancient  forest, Polylepis. The polylepis is botanical specie that includes approximately 28 species of small trees and shrubs.

This variety is perceived in the Andes from northern Venezuela, through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, northern Chile and northwestern Argentina. In a small valley of the Reserve with a elevation of 3523 meters above sea level, with glacial origin, is a forest of Polylepis trees also known as Pantza. It is characterized by thin crust that prevents parasitic organisms such as mosses and lichens, sticking its branches. Plant species as Hierba del infant del cerro( the grass of the hill infant) , Zarcillo Sacha, Cardo Santo also live in this forest, as well as different varieties of gentian and orchids, among others.

Voladero sector has great importance for the region's collective memory. Based on the legend of cacique( chief)  Jeronimo Tudpue, have been configured historical aspects that make these attractive tarns a  shelter full of mysteries and charms. Legend told as that the chief Jeronimo Tudpue preferred to die in the waters of the lake, before being captured by the Spanish conquerors.


The lake Voladero have an average temperature from 0 to 18 º C and have a variety of birds, they are: patos punteados( dotted ducks),small duck from moor and moreland pigeons. Likewise, the Andean Condor that  is in danger of  extinction.


Aquatic and terrestrial representative species of the area are:  trucha arcoiris (rainbow trout), the jambato, marsupial frogs, moor partridge, dotted duck, condor, guarro, curiquingue, Quilico, gallareta gli-gli, zumbador (buzzer bird), andean gull, pigeon, wild rabbit, moorland wolf, soche, deer, raposa( kind of rat) and Chucurito.


 Two kilometers from the lakes of Voladero, there is the lake Potrerillos,  characterized by the presence of frailejón, grassland, cerote, paper tree, rosemary, and its wildlife which includes rabbits, wolves and partridges.
Also, with the attractions of the place, is the Mirador Socavones, Cerro Chitazón, the Spa Chavayán, the swimming baths of Chilcapamba formed by natural flowing thermal waters with a temperature of 40 Celsius degrees.


In addition to the Ecological Reserve with its famous attractions, there is, in the Angel watershed, an articulated highway contour that comes from Mascarilla, in the  Chota river basin, to the Angel, crossing Mira and San Isidro and the section of the Angel to  Bolivar, connecting this last populated center, in the Chota valley, with the Panamerican Highway. It's a circuit that allows traveling in a few hours a very diverse range of landscapes.
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