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From east to west, crossing the mountain system of the Andes is the Sierra Region were Awá and Quechua cultures live. The Afro Ecuadorians of the Chota Valley, mentioned above, also inhabit here.


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In the Sierra region also inhabits the mestizo, descendant of Indians and Caucasians, but does not have a categorical different culture.


The Sierra Quichua population includes people and cultures as the Otavalos, Salasacas, the Cañaris and Saraguros. The otavaleños, internationally known for being great traders and craftsmen, are mainly located in the province of Imbabura, along with the Natabuelas and Caranquis. These people have achieved to preserve one of the most significant festivals of its culture, Inti Raimy, which is celebrated on June 21.


Contrasting with the costeño, people of the Ecuadorian sierra is characterized for being introverted, reserved and conservative, personality interrelated with clothing, food, and the geographic location of the serrano.


Some of the archaeological representative centers of this region are: the ruins of Cochasqui, with pyramidal funerary constructions or tolas; Rumicucho, archaeological complex with ruins of pre incasic origin; the archaeological site of Yumbos, among many others.


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The northern region of the Andes and the Sierra of Ecuador, is home of the mestizos and Afro, but the principal population is the indigenous.


The two mainly ethnic groups in the Sierra of Ecuador are Awá and Quichua.


As part of the Quichua nationality are the Otavalo, Salasaca, Canaris and Saraguro cultures.

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