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Tayos cave is located in the province of Morona Santiago, Limón Indanza canton, in the parish of San Miguel of Conchay, on the northern slopes of the Cordillera del Condor.

Throughout the eastern area and particularly in the Morona Santiago province, there are many caves and rocky caverns, which are large holes, with a variety of shapes and lengths.


One of them is the cave of Tayos, an enigmatic place with many legends and myths: the stories range from a missing civilization, which keeps the secrets of humanity,  the visit of the astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to be in the Moon; an the stories of a metal book with Scriptures and hieroglyphs that was subtracted from the caves by the Hungarian pseudo-scientific Moricz, to  the natives report that in the cave there are giants traces of the heaven men.


All these myths and legends become the cave of the Tayos a magical and mysterious place. What is known with certain is that there lived tribes and there were human settlements in its surroundings with a dating of 1000 years B.C.


The cave of the Tayos is a large structure. It is estimated that it approximately has a dimension of 4,000 m2.To enter to the cave, a rope is throw to the depth of the single entry that exists. At an altitude of 800 metres, in an irregular mountainous zone, on the northern slopes of the Cordillera del Condor, the main entrance is situated.


The aforementioned access is a vertical tunnel of approximately 2 meters in diameter (the mouth of the cave) and 63 m depth. From there, a real maze opens to the visitor during many kilometers that must be walked with the appropriate lighting equipment and with help of native guides. Trails do not have greater difficulty. The hard part is the access ramp, the rest of the journey can be foot travel.


The natural formation of Caverns (or cave of the Tayos) took place during the tertiary era, 3500 BC. According to the collection of remains and research of the Priest Pedro Porras, the only research  scientifically recognized by Ecuadorian archaeology, is concluded that the cave was populated from 400 BC to 800 BC. As evidence are the pieces of pottery and espondilus shell found at the place.


It is considered that during a later stage, the human nomadic shuar Group inhabited this sector, in times of the Warrior Inca Tupac Yupanqui, and since then they are the guardians of this cave until now.


Artifacts that are part of the Speleological complex known as "Ceremonial room”, were found at the entrance to the underground Gallery of Tayos. These objects were also investigated by Porras, the author we take as reference in this article.
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