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The province of Imbabura offers variety of archeological museums and sites of historical interest where you can learn about the past of the pre-Columbian cultures of Ecuador.

The Socapamba tolas, located in this province, in the Ibarra Canton are one of several archeological places in Imbabura and a major tourist attraction. The tolas are within the parish of Yahuarcocha, very visited by the lagoon of the same name.


The Socapamba Tolas are located at the foot of the Angochagua mountain range. Tolas are a set of housing mounds which were part of a settlement of the Caranques, one of the most important oldest cultures in the region.


This settlement corresponds to the period of integration, dates from the prior period of invasion and conquest of the Incas in the territories and cultures of the ancient Ecuador. This archaeological site was inhabited between 1,250 and 1,500 B.C, work of the Caranques or Caras. It is also considered that the Cayambis lived here, these set of mounds of Earth had predominantly residential used, in other cases had funeral and also ceremonial use.


The area includes approximately 12 km where are distributed thirty artificial mounds, most of them in a circular motion, others with varied dimensions and pyramidal platform.


These tolas were made through the accumulation of land. It’s considered that they were previously consolidated on its upper floor before lifting the house, which used materials such as the carrizo, moorland straw, wood and blocks of cangahua, in addition to the raw clay for the manufacture of a kind of channels that are found in the majority of the tolas and whose purpose has not been clarified.


The majority of tolas have been looted, just few things has been rescued. These ones includes grinding stones of different size, pottery tripods, jars, glasses, pots, tools, dishes and fragments of ceramic.


If you visit the tolas Socapamba you will also see, just 4 kilometers away, the lagoon of Yahuarcocha, which offers natural viewpoints and a beautiful view of the lagoon. You can also visit the Tolas del Talbon, at the East of the Yahuarcocha lagoon. Moreover, there is the international Yahuarcocha car circuit.

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