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Isla de la Plata is also part of Machalilla National Park in the province of Manabi, 38 km northwest from Puerto Lopez, in the Pacific Ocean, Ecuador.


Since prehistoric times it was a center of worship and adoration, evidenced by the archaeological remains founded here. Because of the lack of utilitarian ceramics or artifacts of survival, archaeologists have come to the conclusion that the island was a sanctuary to which the ancient inhabitants of the coasts of the Ecuador came in pilgrimages, and immediately returned to the continent.


It was also a place of exchange of the Spondylus shell, considered as a luxurious object of great value that could also be the primitive currency of the pre-Hispanic cultures.

From a comparative study has been pointed out that the aborigines that visited the Isla de la Plata in prehistoric times were members of the Bahia culture. Almost all the found items belonged to this culture because the remains discovered in the island coincide with elements of the Bahía Culture previously found.

The popular legend says that pirates and bandits later refuged here. They used the island as a base of operation to attack the Spaniards. It is assumed in its waters were thrown tons of metals, spatially silver. The inhabitants of the island say that in the 14th century the famous Francis Drake pirate hid treasures taken from Spanish ships in the Isla de La Plata. According to popular legend, the treasure was never recovered in its entirety and remains are hidden on the island.


Isla de la Plata has an area of 1,200 hectares. Since 1979, Machalilla National Park created in these place two tourist trails of approx. 3 Km of extension with a time of 3 hours walking. These trails must be visited with the supervision of an authorized Guide.


The two paths for hiking culminate in Punta Machete and Punta Escalera respectively, both with spectacular views. You will see blue foot boobies and masked boobies, frigates, and albatross colonies. You must buy a five day pass to the Machalilla National Park, but with this ticket you are allowed to visit all the sites of the Park.


Another attraction of the place is the practice of snorkeling or surface diving. The island is surrounded by coral reefs. In addition, from June to September of each year, you can visit the Isla de la Plata to witness the arrival from the Antarctic of humpback whales, who begin their annual migration with the birth of their offspring. You can also see nesting seabirds such as boobies, masked boobies, blue legs and red legs, frigates, tropical birds, albatrosses and sea lions. In the same way the Island is an ideal place for migratory birds’ reproduction.

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