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Once in the Tola you must go on a boat trip from this town through the highest mangroves in the world: the 3 km. trip is through the Cayapas River where, in canoe or boat, you can see mangroves.

You will go around the Isla de los pájaros, all of this within the Reserva ecológica Cayapas-Mataje, to finally arrive to the island La Tolita. With regard to distance, the island is located 30 minutes from the town of La Tola. From Esmeraldas are needed two hours and a half by bus, passing through San Mateo, Camarones and Río Verde If you are coming from the Sierra, from San Lorenzo are needed two and a half hours.


The routes, days and hours can be confirm with Trans Esmeraldas transport. You can call to (5932) 250 5099. You must take into account that there isn’t a fixed bus line to La Tola route, but you can take a bus to the nearby towns and from there some services are offered: there you can take a Moto taxi and canoe to La Tola population.


If you want to hostel there, the population of La Tola is a very quiet place, but has lack variety of options of hotels and restaurants. A nearby Beach that offers hotel structure is Las Peñas; the beach is very quiet and cheap. Another recommended lodging place is the city of Esmeraldas, from which you will need two and a half hours to go to the population of La Tola.


You can choose one of the hotel options we gave to you:

Hotel Cayapas
It offers bar and restaurant service, rooms with private bathroom and basic services. The estimated price per night, depending on the season, is 15 USD.
Kennedy Avenue and Valdez.
Telephone: 062 465-604

Hotel Mira Flores
It offers cable TV, private bathroom, hot water as well as restaurant service, the average price is $ 18.

Located in the streets Bolívar and 9 de Octubre
Telephone: 062 723-077

El Nuevo Barrancon

It offers cable TV service, private bathroom, and restaurant. The estimated price per night is $ 10, 50 USD

1100 Olmedo Avenue and Rocafuerte, in the corner

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