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The archaeology of these time periods is the evidence of the traces of the past which not only represent a structural and architectural value but also allowed to know the ancestral worldview and the idiosyncrasies of our ancestors, whose basic features are preserved in many of the local ethnic groups.
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On the coast region of Ecuador we find sites of interest to the scientific and archaeological community that deserves to be visit by tourists. Among them are the settlement of La Tolita, archaeological findings in the Isla de la Plata (Silver Island) and Agua Blanca, the archaeological site of Real Alto, in which ones you can visit discoveries in situ, a unique feature of the archaeology of the region. There are also ceramic, housing remains and burials discoveries.


In the Sierra region of Ecuador archaeological sites of interest are the Tolas or artificial mounds of Earth, and the pucaraes, built as palaces or military fortresses. The Ecuadorian Sierra preserves the legacy of the first hordes and nomadic groups of the Ecuador in areas such as Chobshy and La Vega. In addition in the Serranía you will find the remains of the representative Andean cultures of our country as the Caras, the Puruhaes, the Panzaleos, the Cañaris, among others.


The region is also characterized by traces the inca conquest left. These traces are concentrated in the provinces of Loja, Azuay and Cañar, corresponding to the territory incorporated in the Tahuantinsuyo. As an example, there are important architectural testimonies, such as the ruins of the ancient Tomebamba, the ceremonial center of Ingapirca and other buildings such as Tambo Blanco, Molleturo and Culebrillas.


On the other hand The Amazon Region of Ecuador has a unique development, since the conquest and expansion of both, the Inca Empire, and the local Lordships, did not largely influence its cultural takeoff. Sites of archaeological interest are artificial platforms, earth mounds, residential and ceremonial centers and petrogrifos. For example in the Amazon there are archaeological places like the Cave of the Tayos and the archaeological site of the Upano River, called Huapula, which has attracted researchers from all corners of the planet.


The socio-cultural heritage of Ecuador is quite complex. Nowadays the archaeological scientific record allow us to say that the settlement of our country was established trough the Andean alley, and was later increased by minor migration during the Regional development, integration and Inca period.


Archaeological tourist attractions in Ecuador that are more viseted because of their possibilities of access are: the Archaeological Museum of Tulipe, Guano, Ingapirca, Tomebamba, Sumpa and Agua Blanca.


These ancient and archaeological rich past of the Ecuador, can be appreciated in the Museum of the Banco Central del Ecuador as well as the respective and numerous museums in situ. They constitute an extraordinary heritage of Ecuadorians and the world.

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