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In the coastal Region or Costa, the Ecuadorian people are characterized by an uncomplicated and cheerful personality. Several cultural groups inhabit this territory: Epera, Chachi, Tsáchilas or generally known as Colorados.


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These last ones have the name of “Colorados” because of their particular aspect: men cover and brush the hair with achote (red seed) giving a singular form with the characteristic red tone. However, they reject this name given by the mestizo and claim the name Tsa Chila, which means "real people".


Similarly, in the coast region live the montubio farmer, the mestizo and the afro. There are two concentrations of afro-Ecuadorian population in the country: the first one is the Northern Coast, in Esmeraldas, and the other one is located in the Chota Valley (between the provinces of Imbabura and Carchi) in the Ecuadorian Sierra.


The afro-Ecuadorians also live in other regions of the country, with special concentration in large cities. An important element of their worldview- that according to Vazquez y Saltos, evidence their ancestral African origin- is their close relationship with poetry, music and dance.


In the coast region, to the North of the province of Esmeraldas, is located the island of la Tolita. This island is an important archaeological center where existed one of the oldest pre-Columbian cultures of the Ecuador. In the central Ecuadorian coast is the Machalilla National Park, which also is an important archaeological site: Agua Blanca, which has traces of a city of the period manteno-huancavilca.


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The Coastal Region of Ecuador is all that include the provinces that limit or are near the coast of the Pacific Ocean.


Montubios, Afro and mestizos, also live in the Ecuadorian coast. Furthermore in this region inhabit the Epera, Chachi and Tsáchilas cultures.

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