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Community tourism in Ecuador is the main and most important within our country. In Ecuador we are leaders in this kind of activity since it has a lot of indigenous communities that offer this type of tourism.


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For those who don’t know what the Community tourism is, in Ecuador it is a form of alternative tourism, sustainable and experiential. The revenue this type of tourism produces is used to sustain the tourism and improve it as much as possible. This tourism is experiential, because the tourist has the opportunity to be part of certain aspects of the life of the community, getting involved in the daily activities of the group.


At the same time this is a form of ethno-tourism, this last one is based on tourist learning of the cultures visited. When you visit other culture not only the folklore, language, customs, traditions and dialects are significant, but also is expected the visitor understands the worldview, the way of life and reality of the living conditions of the people who visit. The objective is to become aware of the culture you visit.


There are authors who made a distinction between what would be the ethno-tourism and tourism of culture, by this time we will use both terms as equivalent.


Above all, the Community tourism differs from previous modalities when all profit goes to improve the quality of life of the people who live in communities, since it is managed by them. In addition the intercultural experience is emphasized.


Within the Ecuador there are some institutional entities that are responsible for managing the development of this kind of tourism. We have the Federación Plurinacional de Turismo Comunitario Del Ecuador (FEPTCE), Pakariñan (Red de Turismo Comunitario Del Austro), Corporación para el Desarrollo Del Turismo Comunitario de Chimborazo (Cordtuch), Saraguro Rikuy (Red de Turismo Comunitario Del Pueblo Saraguro), Runa Tupari Native Travel, and more organizations.


All these entities are dedicated to offer the best possible intercultural-tourist experience. More than 100 communities in all the Ecuador, specifically 16 in the coast, 33 in the Amazon and 52 in the Sierra of Ecuador are accounted as part of FEPTCE. So you can contact these entities directly and plan your trip to Ecuador, we offer the following directory of the entities aforementioned.


Federación Plurinacional de Turismo Comunitario Del Ecuador
Address:  Republica E2-82 and Atahualpa. Quito-Ecuador.
Telephone:  (+5932) 292 3872 / 224 0567


Red de Turismo Comunitario Pakariñan
Address: Mariscal Sucre 14-96 and Coronel Talbot. Cuenca-Ecuador.


Corporación para el Desarrollo Del Turismo Comunitario de Chimborazo
Address: Sesquicentenario and Miguel A. Jijón. Ciudadela Los Alamos I, block E, House Nº 6. Riobamba-Ecuador.
Telephone:  (+5933) 260 6774 


Red de Turismo Comunitario Saraguro Rikuy – Operadora de Turismo Saraurku
Address: 10 de Marzo Street and José María Vivar. In front of Parque Central.


Runa Tupari Native Travel
Address: Sucre and Quiroga, in front of Plaza de los Ponchos. Otavalo-Ecuador.
Telephone:  (+593) 9728 6756 
Fax: (+5936) 292 2320


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Community tourism in Ecuador is one of the best ways to contribute with the place you visit and help the people who are responsible for the tourist place.


In addition, the Community tourism is the best way of enjoy your trip in Ecuador, experience the customs, traditions, culture and beliefs of people. The community tourism is an enriching and intercultural experience.

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