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The language spoken in Ecuador is Spanish. According to the 2001 census , 94% of the population speaks Spanish and 4.8% speak other indigenous native language.


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Ecuador has 14 Native languages , being the most widespread Quichua language. The second most representative native language is the Shuar. The other languages and dialects are: Achuar, 'ingae, Awapit, Cha' palaa, Huao Terero, Paicoca, Secoya, Shiwiar, Shuar, Siapedie, Tsa'fiqui and Záparo.


People of Ecuador are diverse and owners of a cultural and ethnical richness rarely found in other parts of the world. The Catholic religion maybe is the most widespread element throughout the four natural regions.

Despite the fact that the indigenous people of Ecuador had their own religions associated to nature and the agricultural cycle, this “religions” were previously modified for the first time with the arrival of the Inca Empire, which imposed the adoration to the Sun as a supreme being. With the arrival of the Spaniards started the religious syncretism between Christianity and Andean cults that are preserved in modern times.


The gastronomic tradition is another important element of the Ecuadorian people culture, including many of the mestizo, indigenous peoples descendants. The gastronomy has unique features depending on the holidays of the year, thus we find, for example, on November 2, Día de los Santos Difuntos (All Souls' Day), that is commemorated throughout the territory. Colada Morada, a traditional beverage (known as Mazamorra in the Andean villages of Peru and Bolivia) with the "Guagua de pan", baby bread, is a bread in the shape of a baby. This traditional beverage is consumed on this date. In most Andean festivals and in the Inti Raymi, even in the area of the city, Ecuadorian people have the costume of the Mantashka: on a extended tablecloth, family, group, or the entire community share food, potatoes, ginea pig, chicha( corn liquor), boiled corn,m elloco( Andean tuber).


In the coastal region there is also a very rich gastronomic tradition because of the variety of resources the sea provided. In the majority of Ecuadorian cities and towns, in the mealtime we always have the potato tortillas as well as variety of dishes based on the Ecuadorian banana, boiled corn and cassava. Some of the most well-known and tasty dishes are: the chukchukaras, hornado (pork), the molloko, patacones( dishes with a variety of bananas), the llapingachos, “papitas con cuero”( potatoes with pork),morocho, librillo, humitas, among others that should be tasted by the tourist.


At the present, especially in recent years, Ecuador has become the host country of thousands of immigrants, who contribute from their own culture to the creation of new identities and cultural characteristics. In the commercial area of Quito is not uncommon to find an Indian restaurant next to a local fast food and two blocks beyond the traditional market of the Mariscal with textile and manufactured products, made by the indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian Sierra. The main immigrants in the Ecuador come from Colombia and Cuba, but don’t be surprised if a Nigerian speaks French and seconds later you heard a group of indigenous women speaking Quichua.


To find different people with different traditions and customs, you don't need to travel large distances between each destination. Come to Ecuador, a country of friendly people and diverse culture that has a lot to show to those who visit it.


you should know this

In Ecuador, as well as the Spanish language, are spoken 14 native languages.


Until today Ecuador has a strong syncretism, result of the merger of the Catholic religion with ancient Andean beliefs.


Ecuadorian food is varied and depends on the region you are.


Parts of the cultural wealth of Ecuador are the immigrants from several parts of the world, who mainly come to the cities of Guayaquil and Quito. This makes both cities, especially Quito, a highly contrasting city.

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