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Important popular and national holidays in Ecuador during March and April are:


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February-March: The Pawkar Raymi and Mushuk runa or the indigenous new year celebration party of the Andean and Amazonian communities is celebrated since the beginning of February to March 21. This celebration is a thank giving day to the Earth for the flowering of the plants and is the time to harvest tender fruit variety. All the rituals during this holiday season are accompanied by water and flowers.


Pawkar Raymi is one of the four indigenous celebrations which are directly associated with agriculture and the circuit of the Earth as well as their tilt movements that produce the solstices and equinoxes. The solstices are celebrated with the Inti Raymi, June 21, and Capac Raymi, December 22; the equinoxes are celebrated with the Pawcar Raymi, March 20 and Quilla Raymi, September 22.

Some of these celebrations are identified with the Catholic calendar as the “fiestas de San Luis”, “San Juan”, “San Pedro” and “San Pablo”. The four parties of the agricultural calendar are mainly celebrated in the province of Imbabura and visitors can participate in this celebration too.


March 19-21: festivals of San José in different provinces: Ancón (Guayas), Chaltura (Imbabura), Toacazo (Cotopaxi), Chimbo (Bolivar), Biblian (Canar), Toacazo (Cotopaxi), Chimbo (Bolívar).The celebrations include masses, brushwood, Bulls, popular music bands. These celebrations took place in the same days of thee celebrations of the flourishing in the spring equinox.


Between March and April Easter took place. This Catholic Christian holiday commemorates the biblical events of Christ Calvary. Holy week begins with Palm Sunday, Domingo de Ramos, and ends on Easter Sunday, Domingo de Resurrección. This date is variable and depends on the ecclesiastical lunar calendar, can early start between 22 March or the date more late could took place on April 25.


The processions and most important events of this date are: “La procesion de ramos” the procession Palm Sunday in Lican and Chambo (Chimborazo), also make a distinction the procession of Cristo del Consuelo in Guayaquil (Guayas) and the procession of Jesús del Gran Poder in Quito (Pichincha). These religious processions are the biblical events of Christ Calvary by Christian devotees who voluntarily decide to do penance or demonstrate their faith.


In particular, in Quito we have the so called “cucuruchos”, people who dress in purple tunic with a pointed bonnet of the same color that covers the face, these characters are walking with the procession all the time, praying, singing, and doing acts of penance.


April 19-21: in Riobamba, Chimborazo the agricultural, livestock, handicrafts and industry fair is celebrated. You can enjoy folk dances, parades, allegoric floats.


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The most important Andean Festival in March is Pawkar Raymi and Mushuk nina, or indigenous new year.

Andean festivities have an intimate connection with the Sun and its movement in the sky.


Holy week is celebrated between March and April. It’s one of the most important celebrations in the Catholic religion in Ecuador.

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