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The most important popular celebrations in Ecuador between May and August are:


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May 1: Protest march in the main cities of the country to commemorate the international labor day.


May 2: In Quito (Pichincha) is celebrated the festival “Las cruces”, in the neighborhood of the Cruz Verde (corner of streets Bolivar and Imbabura) with traditional music bands, fireworks, and dances in the street that characterize this celebration. The Fiesta de la Cruz (Azuay) Cuenca Province, is also celebrated with special programs in the neighborhood Cruz del Vado.


May 3: Puna, located in Guayas, celebrates the party of the “Chirimoya” with popular entertainment, food, and the choice of the best fruit of Puna.


May 24: National holiday that commemorates the battle of Pichincha, 1822. There are parades and cultural events across the country.


June 15: Pillaro celebrates the Corpus Christi with indigenous dancers, floats, dance festivals and the preparation of the Champús (drink of corn and boiled corn).


June 17-21: Inti Raymi Festival, or Festival of the summer solstice, which corresponds with the period of maturation of fruits, and is the time of harvest. The Inti Raymi, the celebration of the Sun, is one of the most important manifestations of indigenous culture by its meaning, colorful costumes, music and dance. The inti raymi is one of the four festivals of the Amazonian and Andean village and the best known.


June 23 (approx.): in Cayambe, Sangolquí and “Mitad del mundo” is celebrated the holiday and the Festival of Inti Raymi.


June 24: In Otavalo (Imbabura), Tabacundo (Ecuador), Guamote (Chimborazo) is the feast of San Juan. Dancing, parades with masks and other celebrations are characteristic. In Otavalo is an exclusively masculine party, can last all week and culminates with the drop of stones in the Church of San Juan.


June 29: In Guayas; Manta, Jaramijó and Montecristi (Manabi) is celebrated the Festival of San Pedro and San Pablo.


July 19 to 27: in Salinas (Guayas) you can enjoy the maritime procession in homage to fisherman Christ with decked out parade of boats, bands of music, religious chants, etc.


July 21: In Machachi (Pichincha) is celebrated the “paseo del chagra” walk of the chagra, with dances, bulls, bands, typical food and agricultural fair.


August 5-7: fest of the “Virgen de las Nieves Sicalpa” (Chimborazo), San Gabriel (Carchi) and San Isidro (Manabí), with religious ceremonies, fireworks, clowns and folkloric presentation.


August 10: Celebration in all the Ecuador for the "proclamation of independence", event that took place in 1809. Military parades throughout the country commemorate this day; also in Quito, every August is the month of the arts and culture. Different artistic spaces and free exhibitions are done throughout the city, also the afternoon evening of August 9 is the libertarian evening in which all the historical center is awake, only pedestrian are allowed, all the museums are free, free guided tours and there is in all the places concerts and art performances.


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In June, in all the Ecuador is celebrated the Sun holidays or Inti Raymi, which is commonly celebrated in June 21, in the summer solstice.


Derivations of this celebration are the celebrations of San Pedro and San Pablo, in the vast majority of the Ecuadorian towns.

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