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In November important holidays in Ecuador are:


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November 2: In all the Ecuador is commemorated the All Souls' Day, with ceremonies of flowers placement in cemeteries. In the Andean cities and some indigenous communities of the country entire families go together to the cemetery to honor their dead, to eat, drink, and give offerings in memory of deceased relatives; typical food are the “guaguas de pan”, bread babies, and the purple hot beverage, Colada Morada.


November 3: Holiday for the independence of Cuenca (Azuay), with processions, exhibitions, dances and other cultural events. In Latacunga (Cotopaxi) is celebrated the feast of the Mama Negra, with parades, several cultural events and Ecuadorian bullfights (the animal is never kill) or commonly known as toros de pueblo.


The traditional celebration of the Black Mama is organized two times a year: September 23 and November 8, although this last day may vary from November 3. In this Festival the central figure is the black Mama, a man disguised as a woman, dressed in costumes and very colorful compounds of big skirts, embroidered blouse, ornaments and beautiful scarves that her two assistants change in each corner of the parade through the streets of the city.


Mama Negra goes riding, on the horse saddlebags are introduced two black dolls representing the other two sons the black breast-fed. The Festival runs through the main streets of the city and is accompanied by liquor and drink which is distributed by priostes and characters of the parade.


November 21: Day of the Virgin of Quinche, in Pichincha. Religious ceremonies are the main characteristic, as well as a trade fair and the famous pilgrimage of the devotees from different sectors of Quito to the parish of the Quinche.


The walks started more than 400 years ago, when the Virgin Mary was moved from Oyacachi to the Quinche. Oyacachi is the indigenous community where was seen for the first time the virgin as a white complexion woman carrying a child in her arms and offered to rid the community of constant bears attacks in exchange for their faith. Thereafter the Indians created a small temple to the Virgin and miraculously the bears attacks stopped.


Time after, the religious community decided to take out the figure to the Quinche, specific reasons are unclear until the present, possibly by practices like pagan indigenous rituals with the Christian catholic figure. In addition the miraculous women in her appearances in Oyacachi always responded that she should go the Quinche and did not accept the guesthouse the farmers offered. Thus began the traditional pilgrimage that takes place every year until the present day.


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During November there are few celebrations in Ecuador, however they have a very rich tradition, both historical and cultural.


All souls day is celebrated in the country with the drink of the Colada Morada and the bread “Guagua de Pan”.


The two very famous Mama Negra festivities are well-known festivals in the Sierra region of Ecuador.


The procession of the Virgin of el Quinche is one of the most harder and populous in Ecuador.

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