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The main popular festivals in Ecuador during September and October are:


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September 2 -15: Yamor Festivities in Otavalo and other towns of the province of Imbabura. During the celebration of the Yamor, the indigenous from Otavalo, celebrate the harvest obtained: corn, barley, wheat, beans, quinoa, , chochos (seeds), etc. The “Fiesta del Yamor” gets its name from the drink or chicha made with 12 classes of corn.


The traditional food on this date is Llapingacho, which has mote (boiled corn grain) Red pork, potato and cheese tortillas (dough). It is a celebration full of attractions, traditional music, cockfight, parades, folkloric singers, election of the Queen of the corn, the elaboration of the chicha of the Yamor and dances in national costume.


September 5-8: “Virgen del Cisne” Celebration, Saint Patron in the province of Loja, with religious ceremonies, fair, dances, masquerades, horse racing, cockfights, traditional music and more.


September 6-14: “Fiesta de la Jora” celebration in Cotacachi (Imbabura). The Jora is another traditional drink, better known as Chicha de Jora. It's prepared with seven varieties of corn. The feast attractions are folkloric dances, typical food and the choice of the best Chicha of Jora.


In Guayas province took place the Festival of the Virgin of Fatima with the montubio rodeo, popular games, fireworks, food and dance.


September 8-12: festivity of the corn and tourism in Sangolquí (Pichincha). Racing horses, dances and balconies, craft fair, “carretas del rocio”, carts of spray, the gastronomic festival, “paseo chacarero” the farmer walk, “corrida de toros popular” are made.


September 20 to 26: Ecuador celebrates the international banana trade fair, “Feria International del banana”, since it is the world's largest producer of bananas. This fair is in the province of El Oro, where the best fruits are exhibited.


September 22: The Killa Raymi or the feast of the Moon is the Andean celebration of femininity. In addition are celebrated in the communities of the mountains, especially in the province of Imbabura, the feast of the Jora and Tarpuy Raymi or Sowing time festival. That date happen together with the end of the preparation of soils and the beginning of sowing time. This Andean holiday thanks to the Moon and the Earth by the fertility, gives thanks to the Pachamama or mother earth to receive the maize seed.


September 24-28: “Fiesta de los lagos”, commemorations of the Lakes in Ibarra with parades, folkloric dances, racing around central lagoon Yahuarcocha, contests of beauty, agricultural and industrial Exposition.


October: The first week of October of each year (from October 1 to 8) is the fox hunting, “Caceria del Zorro”, in Ibarra (Imbabura). In this popular festivity a disguised character is hunted. Dances and parades are organized in the city. This Festival marks the end of the celebrations of Ibarra (Imbabura) Foundation.


The Fox hunt consists of the parade of riders and carts around the city, then started the persecution of the Fox in direction to Yaguarcocha lagoon.


In the competition the riders hunt the Fox. The fox is another horserider dressed in black with coat and mask that has a lead of 80 meters, and then the persecution starts. The first one to catch him wins the prize, which generally is economic.


October 3: In Palenque, Los Ríos, you can enjoy the “fiesta de San Pablo and San Pedro”. Popular dance presentation, parties, religious ceremonies and masses are organized.


October 4-10: “Feria de Duran”, Duran fair in Guayas. There are trade fairs of business and industrial sectors, concerts and craft fairs on this date too.


October 9: Holyday for the independence of Guayaquil. The international industrial fair of the port of Guayaquil as well as concerts, races, regattas, dances, parades, exhibitions, and dance troupes are commonly done.


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Throughout the month of October, the city of Guayaquil celebrates its Independence festivities.


Different celebrations in different parts of Ecuador also took place in October: festivals where religion is mixed with the ancestral beliefs.

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