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Among the drinks and typical teas in the country we can mention the medical teas or “aguitas de remedio” to cure any pain or physical discomfort, as well as to purge or purify the body.


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Valerian root is used for nerves, lemon balm tea, Chamomile, three mints tea, are used for stomach ache, mint and lemon verbena herb infusion is recommended to sleep, the matico for infections, lacerations and scars.


Another traditional beverage is the “Colada Morada”consumed on November 2, all souls day. In the past our indigenous gave food to their dead people. They believe they should give something to eat to then in their afterlife, after colonization some of these traditions were modified by the presence of the Christian tradition.

The beverage took the purple color because of the native fruits to adapt to European culture which imposed the use of this color in the religious ceremonies. This traditional drink is served hot, with the "guagua's bread". "Guagua" is a kichwua word and mean boy or girl; the "guagua's bread" is a bread with human form. With the intention to help the dead to feed its point end served to be driven into the ground.


Fruit juices are widely used in the daily diet of the Ecuadorians due to the wide variety of fruits in all regions of the country. In warm regions as well as juices and traditional juices the juice of the sugar cane is also a drink. The juice is prepared with a lemon and is also consumed just like juice.


With subsequent distillation and fermentation, sugar cane juice becomes alcoholic which is known as "puntas". These puntas are used in the preparation of different typical liquors of Ecuador, for example: the famous and delicious canelazo: hot cocktail mixed with cinnamon, sugar and naranjilla juice.


In the same way the desserts consumed and prepared in the Ecuador are: the sweet milk (Arequipa in Chile and Argentina), banana cake and “helados de paila”, ice cream prepared in a frying pan, are very popular. The last ones, as their name implies, are crafted on a paila, pan, previously positioned over straw and ice, after a long process ice cream takes consistency and a unique flavor.


Traditional desserts include fruit cooked in honey or jam of different fruits lite babaco, fig, tomato, strawberry, pineapple, zambo. Other recipes are prepared with grains and tubers that are traditional, such as cassava cake or the beverage of morocho (Andean grain).


Ecuadorian food is rich and abundant due to the great diversity of resources its flora and fauna offered. Taste it.


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In Ecuador, there are several types of typical drinks: alcoholic, medicinal waters, cocktails, juices and traditional beverages for religious holidays and special occasions.


In Ecuador you will find a varied menu of juices from all the regional fruits our country provides.


In each region of Ecuador there are sweets and traditional desserts that are often made based on products of the area.

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