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In the Amazon Region you can find the most exotic Ecuadorian dishes of our country.


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By the multiplicity of products, spices, animals and fruits, the Amazonia offers a gastronomic culture little known abroad but popular among the native people. The exotic fruits of the jungle are: arazá, cocona, borojo, chonta, among others. The most consumed animals are monkey, turtle, guanta, chontacuro (chonta worm), giant ants, snakes, which are combined with mandioca or banana.


The stewed guanta is the typical food of the Amazonian regions. Its main ingredients are beef and guanta (big rodent of the region), banana, garlic, in addition to rice or potatoes. The zarapatoca is another very unique Ecuadorian food of this region which is prepared with turtle meat. On the other hand the uchumanga is a particular dish that is served with a variety of wild animals intestines.


There is also prepared the cassava, or better known as yucca bread that is also found in big cities of Ecuador.


Another traditional food is the chontacuro, or chonta worm, which it is accompanied with rice and banana; It is often eaten alive. As well as the rest of the country, food is obtained from natural products the environment friendly offers, so, for example, the monkeys is a typical dish prepared as any other roast meat with Yucca.


The Tamal, called maito, in this region has banana or yucca and meat wrapped in bijao or palm leaves (steaming cooked dough). They typically include roasted chontacuro warm.


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The Amazon rain forest of Ecuador offers a wide range of exotic culinary experiences.


From exotic fruits to animals that in any other part of the world would think they could be eaten in the Amazon region of Ecuador you will find food that challenged your traditional palate.

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