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The coastal menu is connected with the products of the sea. It’s connected with the diversity of products of the sea like fish, shrimps, shells, Octopus, lobsters, and more.


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The coconut is used as seasoning. Whit different types of bananas are prepared and complemented many typical dishes of the Ecuadorian coast.


The majority of beaches and villages of the coast, especially in the province of Esmeraldas, cook fish and seafood in the form of “encocado”: food seasoned with coconut. Fried coconut flakes dishes are also served. Another characteristic dish of this region is the “Tigrillo”, which includes green banana cooked and crumbled, mixed with egg and cheese.


Soup and “Arroz marinero” are the dished that mix a wide variety of products from the sea and are highly desired by the tourist. The molloco, with roast, cooked or fried banana and peanut butter, are served with hot coffee just like cheese pie elaborated with ripe banana.


Another of the most popular coastal dishes is the “Ceviche”, it includes fish tanning in lemon, salt, pepper, onion, tomato, oil and parsley. The shrimp Ceviche is previously boiled and the tomato sauce is added. Green Bolon , Bolon de verde, is a symbol of coastal breakfast; It is prepared with green banana, salt, butter, cheese and pork, with this dough are made balls and is served with coffee.


One of the most consumed soups in the coast is the sancocho: it has beef chest, yucca, corn, and banana. Other outstanding dishes are: stew of lentils or frijol with fried “patacones” (cooked bananas, kneaded and fried) and roast meat.


In addition, in the coast there is a large amount of native fruits such as: guava, guayaba, ovos, cocoa, pineaple, lucuma, avocado, tuna, cerecilla, orange, melon, papaya, coconut, mango and tamarind, complementing the delicious dishes with desserts and juices.


you should know this

Seafood is the most important element to prepare the food in the Ecuadorian coast: fish, tuna, shrimp, etc.


Other widely used products in the Ecuadorian Coast are bananas, yucca and fruits, especially the citric ones.


In the case of bananas, in Ecuador there are seven different types of banana, each with its name and characteristic flavor.

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