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Volunteering in Ecuador is a rewarding and unforgettable experience for its participants.


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Volunteering is a way of giving a little of what you have to those that need you. Since Ecuador is a country with high rates of poverty and little development, volunteering is one of the most widespread ways to do a responsible tourism with society and environment.


There are different areas of work in which a volunteer can help and work in Ecuador. They are mainly divided into the social sphere, education, health, community and establishment of micro-enterprises. Areas such as the community come to embrace others as the social, education and health service. The work of English teacher can be included in almost all areas.


If you want information about volunteering in Quito we must emphasize that the fieldwork is similar. There are many social problems in the city due to the pronounced difference that exists in the distribution of wealth in the city.


Farmers and peasant indigenous in provinces migrated to the city looking for opportunity and access to better incomes, since the agricultural sector is incipient and the capital generated in the country often goes abroad; there isn’t a public social insurance with benefits to all the Ecuadorian population. These are some of the reasons why there are many people in the streets of Quito that draws on begging, crime or underemployment.


Volunteering in Quito mainly works in the social area: rescues children, elderly and beggars in the street. Work is also done in orphanages, hospitals and health centers. In these last ones it is important to emphasize that the volunteer only do the role of Assistant, medical practice requires a professional degree recognized in Ecuador.  


Volunteering in the rest of the Ecuador usually focus on rural parishes and communities. In these places you can also work in the area of education and health, but above all, in these places work specializes in the conservation of the environment, most of the work focus on the ecological question.

Thus, in the cloud forests  volunteer works in reforestation and forest preservation, the preservation of endemic species (such as the Andean bears), environmental research, in addition to organize community programs with the objectives mentioned above.

The Pacific coast is working in similar areas; we are talking about the preservation of marine species (sea turtles, sharks, birds, etc.), programs of sustainable fishing and environmental education.


In the Amazon volunteer works with programs of conservation and community, also in wild animal rescue. While in the Galapagos Islands is very similar to the previous programs, highlighting that the majority of species that are found in this archipelago are unique in the world.


Volunteering in Quito and Ecuador is an unforgettable experience, because in addition to having the opportunity to go and visit a country as biologically diverse and multi-ethnic as Ecuador, you can help the planet and people in vulnerability.


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Volunteering in Quito includes social areas, especially health and education sectors.


Volunteer work is not limited only to Quito; also there are programs which ones you can provide help in different parts of Ecuador, at the Cost, the Amazon, the Andes or Galapagos Islands.


Volunteer work in Quito and Ecuador also covers areas such as ecological projects, preservation of the environment and also in the areas of health and education, as well as the social area.

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