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The Avenue of the Volcanoes Ecuador 2/2
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Cotopaxi (5,897 m), is located in the National Park of the same name. In kichwa means Moon Cone, and it is known also as character in some Andean myths.

It is the most famous of Ecuador because of its beauty, its history, and for being one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. It is very touristic place and is has medium difficulty level of ascension.


Chimborazo (6,310 m) or the big colossus, is the elevation more away from the center of the Earth, is located within the forest reserve Chimborazo and is a symbol within the Ecuador. Although it is an inactive volcano, it has been a leader within the Andean myth and offers one of the best landscapes of the Ecuador, since it is truly unforgettable to admire a so big and wide mountain in the middle of the Andean uplands.


All these are snow-covered volcanoes and have perpetual snow due to its height, this despite being within the Equatorial circle.


In addition to these volcanoes you can visit:


Cuicocha Volcano (3,246 m) whose attraction is the crater, 3 km in diameter, with a lake. Within its caldera there are four domes that form two small islands in the middle of the Lake.


Imbabura Volcano (4,600 m) which is located to the North of the city of Ibarra. This stands out for its magnificence and its bleak appearance.


Reventador volcano (3,700 m)  90 km. to the East of the city of Quito, almost on the edge of the Amazon, is a volcano that is very active and known for having covered with volcanic ash the city of Quito.


Pululahua Volcano (3,400 m), known for been very close to Quito and, in particular, for hosting inhabitants inside its crater. The Pululahua is an inactive volcano, but with a giant crater that has several domes where are usually organized treks and expeditions. The vegetation is abundant and beautiful.


Pichincha Volcano (4,794 m.a.s.l.) is famous for hosting on its slopes the beautiful city of Quito. Its most important peaks are Rucu Pichincha and Guagua Pichincha, the latter is famous for giving the city more than one scare by its latent volcanic activity.


Pasochoa (4.200 m.a.s.l.), now extinct caldera, is home of a large reserve of flora and fauna in its interior. And not so far, Cotopaxi, Rumiñahui are the neighbors (4,720 m), perfect for beginners in climbing.


Quilotoa Volcano (3,914 m), another mountain that has a lake in its crater, very famous for the beautiful landscape inside its crater: go down into the crater is possible.


The landscape the Avenue of the volcanoes offers is incomparable. In any other part of the world you will find a Valley surrounded by beautiful and impressive volcanoes. It should be added that there are numerous tourist activities, including extreme sports that can be practiced in different volcanoes. There are also several packages to explore the Avenue of the volcanoes or, the most important peaks, exclusive packages, according to your preferences.
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