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Cruises in Galapagos must be classified into four different classes: economic, middle class, first class and luxury. Generally, the last mentioned offer diving lessons or sea kayak expeditions.

In Galapagos, economy class ships are generally old sailing ships and yachts, therefore, not very fast.  These cruises have a capacity of 16 passengers. They do not have great amenities but in spite of this, you will enjoy the flora and fauna of the Islands with the possibility of excursions; you will be delighted with the incomparable beauty the Galapagos Islands have with low prices.


The economic Galapagos cruises can cost at least $750 to $1200 for four days and three nights. Some cruises only have 5 days/4 nights or 8 days/7 nights tours, price obviously increases according to the number or days, for example $1500 to $2200.


Middle-class vessels are driven motor diesel (m/V), they are both, sailboats and catamarans. They have comfortable rooms for accommodation, private bathroom with shower and hot water. The level of knowledge of naturalist guides it is much better that economic class, guides usually handle more languages than English and Spanish. These cruises are economically and more accessible than first class or luxury cruisers.


The middle class cruiser in Galapagos can cost about $900 to $1800 for the 4 days and 3 nights. Several cruises do not offer short routes and tend to have more days programs, in general 8 days/7 nights ($1700 to $3500), some have tours up to 15 days/14 nights ($5300 approx.)


The first-class cruisers guarantee all the comforts you may need. Spacious rooms with private bathroom and all comforts, air conditioning, buffet, personalized attention and certified naturist guide service. In addition, several of them have small swimming pools or hydro massage, with classes of diving and the possibility of sea kayaking. These also fall into the category of m/V boats.  


First class Galapagos cruises prices are about $2000 - $4600 for 8 days/7 nights. The luxury Galapagos cruises have all the comfort of first class, the difference is that the boats are faster and therefore you can explore more Islands in less time. These luxury cruises can be divided into large vessels, with capacity of 40 to 100 passengers, and medians, with maximum capacity of 36 passengers.


Luxury Cruises in Galapagos with standard capacity can cost at least $4000 and even $5200 per 8 days/7Nights. On the other hand, large and luxury Galapagos cruises cost about $2900 to $4900 for 8 days/7 nights.


For your convenience, coordinate your visit with a travel operator. We highlight Andando tours, who organizes the activity of all cruises Angermeyer, historical ships that promise not only to come true all your expectations, but also to have a trip you will never forget.


Below is a list of the best-known Cruises in Galapagos:


Barco Santa Cruz
This boat has 46 cabins and was built exclusively to navigate the Galapagos Islands. It has a capacity for 90 passengers and one of its services has experts that will talk about this island which is a world heritage site. This boat is also equipped with a boat of glass bottom which offers an opportunity for the observation of marine life.


De-luxe Santa Isabela Yacht
This yacht has 20 cabins with a capacity of 40 people and is the most luxurious in Galapagos, is also fully equipped with air conditioning. All cabins are spacious and they have a private bathroom. The Yacht also has three decks that offer: bar, restaurant, dining room and sunbathing deck.  


Galápagos Explorer II
this cruise offers you daily conferences of the Galapagos Islands, you can also rent books offered on board and videos about Galapagos in which can be inform. So you will also find live music in the bar or dance in the living room of the boat as well as national and international cuisine. Each of the cabins has a large private bathroom with shower and closet, TV and minibar. All are decorated with a charming touch that will make you feel at home.   


Motonave Galápagos Legend
This yacht can accommodate 55 passengers. In addition, all cabins are fully carpeted, luxurious and spacious, overlooking the sea, except for interior cabins. Services on Board include the pool, bar in the area of swimming pool, library, piano room, etc. Six naturalist guides aboard will offer every day conferences to prepare the passengers about the Islands they will visit the next day.


Galápagos Yate a Motor Eclipse
This yacht has central system of air condition, swimming pool, outside and inside bar, two restaurants (one in the open air for all 48 passengers), library, video with giant screen and reading room, a naturalist guide for each 12 passengers, and a souvenir shop.  


All rooms have large windows overlooking the sea and double beds, music and phone for internal communication. They have 4 luxury suites and 8 standard double cabins in the top deck, 13 double standard cabins in the main deck and 2 simple standard cabins in the lower deck.


Yate La Pinta

It offers adventure, environmental interpretation, sports, relax, outstanding service and excellent dining options, in addition to naturalists guides who reaffirm their interpretative skills using the expeditionary kits with leading edge technology.

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