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Diving in Galapagos is one of the most surprising and wonderful aquatic and underwater activities that could be carried out in any sea or ocean of the world.


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In 2000 the Galapagos Islands were entitle as the best place for diving in the world. Long times before the laws of preservation of nature in Ecuador became harder and have help to the control and care of prized ecosystems as the Galapagos.


In addition, little by little the Galapagos Islands have been recognized as the best place for diving. You will find countless diversity of aquatic fauna, the best place for advanced diving and represents the healthier marine ecosystem in the world.


But above all, diving in Galapagos is to be immersed in a large aquatic city full of diversity: penguins, dolphins, sea lions, turtles, whales, sperm whales, eels and moray eels, marine iguanas, golden rays and manta rays, hammer sharks, whale sharks, white fin sharks, reef sharks, Scorpion fish, bat fish, puffer fish, tambourines and an infinity of tropical fish and endemic species, unique in the world. More than 300 species of fishes, more than 30 corals, an immense variety of invertebrates and algae, and numerous aquatic mammals is just a little of what you will see.  


Diving in Galapagos is considered of medium to high difficulty, however there are places where people who are beginner or want to learn to dive, can practice and venturing to appreciate one of the world's richest marine ecosystems.


The difficulty of diving in Galapagos is caused due to the specific places for this activity are places where deep diving and reef diving is necessary. Deep diving means being more than 20 meters below the sea level. Instead for reef diving a good knowledge of diving is mandatory to not get hurt by corals or the volcanic sharp rocks of the Galapagos water.  


Another popular form of diving in Galapagos is night shallow diving, since several species of invertebrates and fishes are fluorescent, dive in the dark in the Galapagos Islands is like to move between stars. Diving in the Galapagos Islands is usually called diving with current, where the underwater current moves you in the direction of the bottom.


The visibility of the waters of Galapagos is fantastic, perfect for diving. You have a range of 30 meters of visibility, although it is often reduced to a range between 15 and 25 meters, the lowest when there is a green coloration in the water due to the increase in the population of algae and plankton.


you should know this

Diving in Galapagos means enjoy the healthier marine ecosystem in the world. You can enjoy the company of several marine mammals, more than 300 species of fishes and beautiful coral reefs.


Plan your scuba diving in Galapagos with your travel agency or preferred tourist operator.


There are a lot of places for diving in Galapagos and are of a varied level of difficulty. Remember, there are many activities to do in Galapagos as interesting as diving.
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