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Andando Tours International Travel Agency

P.O. Box: 17210088
Address: Mariana de Jesús E7-113 and Pradera. Quito-Ecuador.
Telephone:  (+5932) 323 7186 / 323 7330 / 323 7857
Fax: (+5932) 323 8309
Isla de Fuego

It is a renowned tour operator in the Galapagos Islands, which has the Hotel Fiesta (located in Puerto Ayora,Santa Cruz Island). It offers private transport and two modern boats: Island Girl yacht and the yacht Ilusiones.

The Galasam Tour operator has its main office in Guayaquil, from 25 years ago, and is the owner of one of the most renowned cruises in the Islands. It also offers a range of accommodation of tourist-foreign class or student-traveler, first class and luxury yachts for those looking for extra amenities.

Canodros S.A is a company oriented to cruise ships with capacity up to 100 passengers. The m/V Galapagos Explorer II cruises offers 3, 4 and 7 night itineraries in the Galapagos Islands. It has an expert naturalist guiding an ecological and educational cruise. The reason for travel to the Galapagos Islands is to experience the Islands and their unique fauna.
Klein Tours

Klein tours has its own fleet of yachts of first class, the m/Y Coral (20 passengers), Coral II m/Y (24 passengers), Coral Grand 32 passengers, Galapagos Legend, m/Y which host 90 passengers. It also provides contacts with hotels, restaurants and many services for the trip to the Enchanted Islands.
Exploring Ecuador

This operator offers snorkeling and diving with sea turtles, whale sharks, sea lions, stingray rays, penguins, dolphins and hundreds of tropical fish. Travel companies specialized in diving have been operating in the Galapagos Islands for many years, offering diving courses for beginners, tours during the day and also evening trips from 1 to 14 days, usually including two dives per day and some land excursions.
Metropolitan Touring

This operator promotes the ecotourism in the Galapagos Islands and has its own fleet of luxury ships in the archipelago, MV Santa Cruz and Isabella II. The expeditions of Metropolitan in Galapagos have the purpose to discovery, travel and appreciate sea flora and fauna. Therefore it offers expeditions of adventure, environmental interpretation, sports, and relaxation. In addition you will have an incredible service among other benefits.
Andean Treks INC.

Andean Treks works directly with a variety of ships companies, tours, vacation package, personalized package tours or a combination of both.
Galapagos Network

Galapagos Network has a fleet of three motor yachts of 20 passengers in first class, m/Y Eric, Flamingo and Letty, offers the comfort on the itineraries of 5 to 7 nights in Galapagos. The 16 passengers Sky Dancer m/Y offers one of the newest ships and better equipped for its experience on board. The four ships have a total of 76 berths with incomparable comfort and security.

Option for professors who travel with students, Elderhosteler, or traveling with friends or family. This operator offers to organize tour to visit and learn from experiences, promote learning in the natural and cultural diversity of the world, with green practices.
Boundless Journeys

This operator puts at your disposal selected yacht for your convenience and safety, expert naturalist guides that will try to make your cruise a unique nature experience. It also offers visit the blue-foot boobies, land iguanas that bask in the Sun, sea lions, and the families of penguins, among many other different species.
Wildland Adventures

Wildland Adventures is a company of ecotourism for small groups, safaris, adventure holidays, small boat adventure travel, and honeymoon adventures. It has also managed the weekly Galapagos, travel yacht plan for non profit organizations, families, and private groups with naturalist guides.

Red mangrove

Red mangrove is a company specialized in tourism within the continental Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. It has several arrangements with hotels, Galapagos tour cruisers in the yacht Darwin, diving, Puerto Ayora luxurys suites, and more.

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