National Symbols of Ecuador
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The anthem and the flag of Ecuador, as well as the national Coat of Arms, are the patriotic emblems of the country. Ecuadorians are identified with them due to the fact they have symbolic and identity meaning.
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In 1865, Dr. Nicolás Espinoza Rivadeneira, President of ‘Cámara del Senado del Ecuador’, asked to Juan León Mera, Secretary of the same senate, the national anthem lyric composition of Ecuador. Mera accepted to do it, and the story tells that the anthem would have been written the night of November 15th, 1865. The letter was sent to the National Congress and was unanimously approved.


In its narrative and poetry the anthem of Ecuador has lyrics influenced by the historical context of the time. Was already mentioned that Mera, the anthem composer, was the Secretary of the Senate, and was aware of the pressure apply by Spain to recover the American colonies. Our national anthem was written in the middle of these historical conditions. The anthem lyric had several previous attempts but was the lyrics of the Ambato’s poet which had public acceptance. Antonio Neumane created the perfect chords for the motherland song. Congress definitively approved it in 1869. Every November 24th is celebrated the day of the national anthem, date declared almost 10 years later, in 1965.


On the other hand, the Ecuador’s flag has had a long history with changes and transitions, until the current flag of Ecuador. The up to date flag is composed of three bands of yellow, blue and red color, respectively. Its heights are in 2-1-1 relationship; it means the yellow strip has double wide than the blue and red strip. Also, the base measurement is twice, compared with the height. It is similar to Colombia and Venezuela flags, because these three Nations formed part of La Gran Colombia. This flag was definitely accepted on September 26th, 1860.


The yellow color represents gold, wealth, agriculture and the vast natural resources Ecuador has. The blue color represents the Pacific Ocean and the Ecuadorian sky. The red color represents the blood that was spilled throughout history, in the libertarian struggles.


The coat of arms is in the center of the flag. The flag symbolizes the Ecuador Republic (Estado Ecuatoriano). The Coat of Arms is a patriotic symbol of great value. Its most representative elements are: the Andean Condor, the Sun, and snow capped Chimborazo volcano, the Guayas River, Laurel and palm branches, zodiac signs, the consular beams, among other elements.

Ecuador National Anthem

(Official song’s extract)



O homeland, we greet you a thousand times!
Glory be to you, oh homeland glory be to you!
Your breast overflows with joy and peace
And your radiant face is shining
more brightly than the sun. (repeat)


2nd Verse
The worthy sons of the soil
Who magnificently adorned Pichincha,
They always declared you as their sovereign lady
And shed their blood for you.
God observed and accepted that sacrifice,
And this blood was the prolific seed
Of other heroes whom the world in astonishment saw
arising in thousands around you,
arising in thousands around you.

Flag and Coat of Arms of Ecuador
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