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Quito has a vast history. Much of this history has not been fully told due to the human have been living in this area thousands of years ago and much of its past testimony is not discovered and known yet.

Through the streets of Quito, hidden lies a millenary history, beating softly under the steps and movement of the big city, the tourism and daily life that characterizes and contrasts this city, capital of the territory now called Ecuador Republic. This history beats at the South, Center and North, at its peripheries and streams already drowned by concrete fillings, in its colonial and modern monuments.


The category “city” is strictly western and now we use it to mention any significant settlement of people. In this sense, Quito as a city has a limited history, compared to everything that can be told about the territory in which lays today.


This historic summary wants to rescue the memory, the forgotten history of what Quito was since humans dwell these soils.

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