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To move and live in Ecuador for short stays, you can request an extension of your Visa to a maximum of 180 days. To do this you must have the following requirements:
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  • Minimum 6 months valid Passport
  • Visa
  • For citizens of the Andean Area and Chile: certificate of citizenship or passport
  • Pay a fare according to the extensions of days.


To request this type of extensions you should contact the provincial headquarters of migration that open from Monday to Friday from 8h00 to 12h00 and 15h00 to 18h00.

But, if you want to work you basically need a letter from the company you are going to work. In the letter should be specify the reasons for their recruitment and clarify the importance of your work in the company that requests your productive work. Then you must get the RUC, required document to deduct tax in all Ecuador.


Normally, the company or responsibility entity will help you in these processes, or otherwise, you can do this legal proceedings with the help of the Ecuadorian consulate in the country of origin, this procedure can’t be done in Ecuador.


All immigrant Visas which have been approved have indefinite validity, but remember that although you are legally registered, you don’t have to leave the country for more than 90 days, to don't lost your visa. You can leave and return as often as you desired, but you can’t exceed this limit time (90days) during the first two years from the date of admission. In the same way you can’t be more than 18 consecutive months from the second year onwards or you will lose your immigrant Visa.


Once living in Ecuador with all your documents in rule remember get your identity card, the Ecuadorian identity card for foreigner that will allow you to do any legal formalities, as well as buying and selling, or business in general.

Now, you can choose between a wide range of climates and geographic conditions to live. More commercial cities in which you could perform any economic activity concerning to trade, goods real state, or independent works are Quito, Cuenca and Guayaquil.


For business and tourist activities you can choose the provinces on the Coast Region with beaches and nature reserves, as well as the Sierra Region provinces near to snow-capped mountains, lakes, waterfalls and lush nature, equally the Amazon region and the Galapagos offering variety of tourism resources to be exploited by the visitor and tourist.


Keep in mind that in Ecuador the official working hours are 40 hours a month (8 hours per day). This time corresponds particularly to public institutions and some private institutions. If you want to obtain a contract work usually you must have a trial period of three months, after which you will receive an annual contract with which you have possibilities to demand all the benefits of the law, the most important: the affiliation to Social Security. You should be well informed of your rights and be sure that recruitment is legal.


Payment for hours is very uncommon in Ecuador, but it is usually done biweekly or monthly. If you have all the legal requirements you can work on what you want, provided you have acquired mastery of the language. Otherwise you could study the language in a variety of centers and schools of Spanish throughout the country, most common in Quito and Cuenca.


It is very important that you have learned the language to communicate and access to the services of law and have a better stay in the country.


Where to live? The majority of apartments for rent are not furnished, but classified ads, such as El Comercio newspaper or journal El Hoy, currently offer variety of real estate to buy or rent that could adjust to your needs and your budget. Ask and learn about the sector in which you are going to live with Ecuadorian friends and colleagues, search in the newspapers or internet, and previously to move visit the neighborhood or city.


Most cities and towns offer security, but certain sectors are not recommended. The tourists are frequently exposed to danger situations due to the lack of information about certain places. Do not hesitate, ask to any Ecuadorian you know, people is friendly and will help you.


Welcome to the Ecuador, don't neglect the update of your residence documents after the second year. Cancel your taxes on time and travel around our country.

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