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Education in Ecuador is controlled and organized by the Ministry of education. This entity normalizes the Basic education until high school or secondary school level.
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This state organization controls public education, fiscal missionary education, municipal, secular or religious education, Hispanic or intercultural bilingual education too. Fiscal or public education is secular at all levels; it means that the entire population has the right of access to it without any religious or political conditioning.

In addition, fiscal education in the basic level is mandatory and free up to the secondary, but contradictorily, there are high rates of absenteeism and dropout from the early years of education.

Initial education includes children from 3 to 5 years; , basic education covers the first year to the tenth year of education, while the baccalaureate is the specialization taken after these ten years and can be: mathematic physicist , social philosophical, chemical biologist, or technician in different areas.

Due to the geographical conditions of Ecuador the “ Ministerio de Educación” have organized the school year in two educational regimes, it means two different educational calendars in coast and Sierra that differ in the time of initiation and conclusion of the school year.

The coast regime belongs to the coast and Galapagos Islands: classes begin in early April of each year and end in January or February of the following year. The sierra regime belongs to the Andean region and Amazon, it starts in September of each year and ends in June or July of the next year.

The organization responsible for higher education in Ecuador is the National Council of higher education, Consejo Nacional de Educacion Superior (CONESUP). In our country there are the so-called polytechnics schools. They are institutions of third level, whose name refers to specialties in science and engineering. You should not be confused with the schools of basic education.

Under the latest Constitution adopted in Ecuador, education is free until the University, but this law is still far from reality. Different opinions consider this system is not looking for to establish a system of free education but rather a scholarship system in which few people have the possibility of access and permanence in University due to the deficiencies of the educational system that precedes the higher education.

Government and State institutions that offer information about education, scholarships, credits, addresses, educational quality, are the next:

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