Laundries in Quito
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There are several businesses that are engaged in this activity. It is usually to find dry cleaning service and several laundries offers door-to-door service.
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It is common to find several small businesses engaged in this activity within the area of La Mariscal. The average charge is between $0, 40-0, 50 USD per pound. Luxury hotels usually include this service. Smaller hotels or hostels generally do not have this service included.

Following is a directory of the main laundries (lavanderias) in Quito:

Lavandería Clean & Clean
Eloy Alfaro Avenue N39-345 and Gaspár de Villarroel
Telephone: (+5932) 245 5295
JR Lavandería
Av. Gaspár de Villarroel E14-51 and Cochapata
Telephone: (+5932) 244 2434
Lavandería Lavaduplex Cia. Ltda.
Home delivery service
12 de Octubre Avenue N17-06 and Nicolás Jiménez
Telephone: (+5932) 290 9688
Lavanderías Norte
Home delivery service
Amazonas Avenue N47-279. Airport area.
Telephone: 1 800 528 667
Lavanderías Sol Blanco
Home delivery service
Japón N37-160 and Naciones Unidas
Telephone: (+5932) 246 9622
Lavanderías LavaYa
Home delivery service
Telephone: (+5932) 246 8946
Lavanderías Martinizing
Home delivery service
12 de Octubre Avenue N24-80 and Madrid
Telephone: (+5932) 250 8484
1 700 627 846
Lavanderías Sany Clean
Home delivery service
Eloy Alfaro Avenue and Aceitunos
Telephone: (+5932) 346 4401

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