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There are public and private institutions that offer legal services in Ecuador. Depending on the legal procedure you need and the city in which you reside, you can go to law firms of lawyers as well as to local companies that offer legal guidance throughout the country.
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The payment must be decided at the beginning of the legal process. It’s is usually given for the total judicial process or for every legal advice that you make. It is recommended that you previously stipulate costs and estimated times for the fulfillment of your matter.

You can ask to:

Cámara de la pequeña industria del Guayas

It provides legal advice in: civil, commercial and industrial areas, as well as intellectual property, corporate property, consultations and legal research, labour matters or administrative problems, estate matters, credit investigations, among other legal services.

Guayaquil - Ecuador
Telephone: (+5934) 228 1524
Miss. Nathali Torres - Mr. Miguel Palacios

Cámara de la pequeña industria de Pichincha

It provides legal assistance services of legal nature regarding to labour, corporate, commercial, and civil area, as well as tax problems, patent problems, property rights, brands or other.


Quito - Ecuador
Address: Amazonas Avenue N34-332 and Atahualpa
Telephone: (+5932) 244 3388 / 244 3390

Estudio Jurídico Puente & Asociados

It offers companies legal advice and management in industrial, corporate, migratory issues, and intellectual property.


Telephone: 2223616 / 2905176

Estudio Jurídico Sixto Rodríguez Rubio

It offers legal services in processes such as civil, labour, notary processes, in addition to: registration, title deed, judicial cashing, transit, contracts, handover of real estate, etc.


Address: Carlos Ibarra Oe1-54 and 10 de Agosto Avenue. Edifice Alameda 3rth floor Office 324
Telephone: (+5939) 920 7377 / (+5932) 2286 410

Estudio Jurídico Salgado y Asociados

It offers its legal services in labour law, business, companies, visas, immovable item, real estate, civil processes and several services.


Telephone: 2811153; cellphone: 095987987

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