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Quito has many parks and green areas, at least one for each neighborhood.
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The quality and safety of these spaces is changeable. Not all of them have the attention of the municipality, although this entity has undertaken a campaign of recovery and restoration of parks and many of them are in optimal conditions.

Below are described the largest and well known parks in the city:

The linear park of the Machángara - Las Cuadras PArk
This River Park is located parallel to the length of the Machángara River. It goes from the sector of “El Beaterio” to the area of “El trebol”, South-Central sector of the city. It has 22 km., has a route for bicycles and some for walks. Although it is not yet completed in its entirety, the Park has sections that already completed; the best-known is the one that lies behind the Shopping "El Recreo" which includes the gorge of the Machángara, the river and the Park La Raya.
Parque Metropolitano Itchimbía

This Park is located in the hillock of Itchimbía, which in the past was a sacred mountain for the Quitus and Incas. It’s located in the East-Central area of the city, in the neighborhood El Dorado. It covers 54 hectares and is a spectacular viewpoint of the city and its eastern neighboring. It has a cultural center which is formed by a metal structure; the same was part of the old market of Santa Clara.

To reach the Park you can take the bus line “ Registro Civil-El Dorado”, is the only one that reaches the top. The Park is accessible by car or also walking. There is no way to get lost because there is a good signal to reach the different incomes.

The Park is quite safe. But if you want to go walking is recommended to take precautions because the neighborhood could be unsafe.

El Parque La Alameda

The Alameda is the old Park of Quito and America. It’s located in the center of the city, border to the historic center. It doesn´t have a great extension, but the history it has seen is what makes this place so important. Home of old, large and leafy trees, although the poplars planted did not survive. At its South end there is the monument to Simón Bolívar, and in the middle of the Park is the first astronomical observatory of Quito.

You can also find the first business of boats charter for its small lake; "The Churo", at the beginning of the previous century building used as a viewpoint; and in front of one of their stone portals is located the first church built in Quito: El Belen. It is a place that should be visited by all tourists, this park is and attraction that nobody should ignore during Quito’s visit.

The sector is a bit insecure, that’s why is recommended to take precautions. You can go there by Ecovía, there are two bus stops in the Park: Simón Bolívar and El Belen . There is also a stop of the trolebus which is in front of the Park and is named after the Park. There are several bus routes that circulate around; the people of Quito known La Alameda, so there is no chance to get lost.

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