Ecuador Airports
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There are a large number of airports and airstrips in Ecuador. Most of them are located in the Amazon region, close to the oil wells of numerous companies.
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Here a list of the main airports in Ecuador provinces located in each one of them, with the exception of Bolívar, Cañar and Zamora Chinchipe provinces which don´t have airports.
Esmeraldas Province
Aeropuerto General Rivadeneira (ESM)
Location: Tachina (close to Esmeraldas city)
Telephone: (+593-6) 272 2261
Manabí Province
Aeropuerto Internacional Eloy Alfaro (MEC)
Location: Manta
Telephone: (+593-5) 262 2520/ 262 1580
Guayas Province
Aeropuerto Internacional José Joaquín de Olmedo (in the past Simón Bolívar) (GYE)
Location: Guayaquil
Telephone: (+593-4) 216 9000 / 216 9169
Santa Elena Province
Aeropuerto Ulpiano Páez (SNC)
Location: Salinas
El Oro Province
Aeropuerto General Manuel Serrano (MCH)
Location: Machala
Carchi Province
Aeropuerto de Tulcán (TUA)
Location: Tulcán
Ibarra Province
Aeropuerto Atahualpa (IBR)
Location: Ibarra
Telephone: (+593-6) 295 0014/ 295 7618
Pichincha Province
Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal Sucre (UIO)
Location: Quito
Telephone: (+593-2) 330 0200 / 330 2041
Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas Province
Aeropuerto de Santo Domingo
Location: Santo Domingo
Cotopaxi Province
Aeropuerto Internacional Cotopaxi (LTX)
Location: Latacunga
Telephone: (+593-3) 281 1800 / 281 1710 / 281 1500
Los Ríos Province
Aeropuerto El Carmen (SEMO)
Location: Montalvo
Tungurahua Province
Aeropuerto Chachoan (ATF)
Location: Ambato
Telephone: (+593-3) 285 4381
Chimborazo Province
Aeropuerto de Chimborazo (SERB)
Location: Riobamba
Azuay Province
Aeropuerto Mariscal Lamar (CUE)
Location: Cuenca
Telephone: (+593-7) 286 7120
Loja Province
Aeropuerto Camilo Ponce Enríquez (LOH)
Location: Catamayo
Sucumbíos Province
Aeropuerto de Lago Agrio (LGQ)
Location: Nueva Loja
Telephone: (+593-6) 283 0442
Napo Province
Aeropuerto de Tena (SEPE)
Location: Tena
Orellana Province
Aeropuerto de Coca (OCC)
Location: Puerto Francisco de Orellana
Telephone: (+593-6) 288 0185
Pastaza Province
Aeropuerto Río Amazonas (PTZ)
Location: Mera
Morona Santiago Province
Aeropuerto Coronel Edmundo Carvajal (XMS)
Location: Macas
Galápagos (Islas Galápagos – Archipiélago de Colón)
Aeropuerto San Cristóbal (SCY)
Location: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno

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