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There are only two companies that have international buses routes to Quito. Both of these companies have their headquarters in Lima (Peru) and make direct trips to Quito, as well as other parts of South America.

The cost of the direct trip from Lima to Quito is usually between 70 and 80 USD.

In the next paragraph you will find the information of the two companies that offer international direct bus to Quito.

Expreso Internacional Ormeño
Bus station:Javier Prado Este Avenue 1059 (Lima-Perú)
Telephone Perú: (+51-1) 472 1710
Bus station Quito: de los Shyris Avenue 1168 and Portugal
Telephone Quito: (+5932) 246 0027
Rutas de América. Transporte y Turismo Internacional
Bus station: Paseo de la República Avenue 569 and 28 Julio (Lima-Perú)
Telephone Perú: (+51-1) 431 – 6165
Bus station Quito: Selva Alegre OE - 72 and 10 de Agosto Avenue
Telephone Quito: (+5932) 254 8142

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