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In Ecuador there are public and private means of transport, as well as rental of cars, bicycles and mountain equipment services. In addition it’s possible to make long trips by bike or walking, depending on the interest and physical condition of the visitor.



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You must know the path that will take and the destination you are going to be regardless the transport you choose. It is important to know reference points and ask for the exact address. To travel it is recommendable to arrive during the day, and if your arrival is at night, do not walk, it is safer to take a taxi. At the beginning of the day or during daylight hours arrivals are safer since there is more movement of people.


If you come abroad, the two international airports of Ecuador are the Quito international airport whose name is Mariscal Sucre and the airport of Guayaquil, which has the name of Simón Bolívar; the two are located few kilometers from the town center.


Any flight which goes into Ecuador from other countries should arrive in one of these two airports. If your destination is the Galapagos Islands, you should arrive to Quito or Guayaquil International Airports too. The Galapagos have other two airports: Caraquez and Baltra, connecting the archipelago with the Equatorial continent.


The opening hours of these air terminals is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except few omissions in which flights are suspended by an emergency of natural conditions.


If you want to travel within the country by air, you can do it with the local companies as Tame, Icaro, Aerogal, Aerolitoral, Atesa, Austro Aéreo, which ones have national routes from the capital to other cities in the country. There are also private companies that offer their services to connect small towns and villages of the coast region and the Ecuador Amazon Region.


In addition, Ecuador has national airports in the cities of Loja, Cuenca, Manta, Santa Cruz (Galapagos) and Esmeraldas. Different than the international terminals, these airports attention is until 18 h 00 and they are open seven days a week. It is important to emphasize that Galapagos airports only accept flights from Quito and Guayaquil, not from other cities, so these are compulsory starting points to go to the Islands. Flights are offered throughout the all day.


You have to know this

We recommend that you plan your trip to arrive in Ecuador on the first hours of the day.


For more information please visit our sections of Quito airport and our telephone directory of airports in Ecuador.

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