Taxis & car rental in Ecuador
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To move around the Ecuadorian towns and cities, the taxi is the more secure mean of transport, as well as being relatively cheap.




It is recommended to come to an agreement on the price previously (specifically at night). At the time you are giving the address, ask the cost to the place or destination before embarking. It is recommended to take a taxi at night to avoid exposure to the insecurity of cities (in particular, Guayaquil and Quito).


The cost of the taxi service will depend on what taximeter indicates, or as mentioned, the arranged price, which depends on the distance you are going to go. An average trip can cost from $1.50 to $2.00, if it is a short length without traffic. But at the time of crossing cities like Quito and Guayaquil from North to south or vice versa, the value increases, and can cost from $5.00 to $15.00 in longer runs.


Nightly charges usually tend to be higher, although it is recommended to use radio taxi, cars that have radio and can be located by phone. You should call and give the direction in which you are. The service car will arrive between 5 to 10 minutes. Prices of radio taxis are standard and are especially recommended for the night. You can get these numbers in the nearest taxi cooperative, or any of its cars, requesting a contact card. You can also ask at the reception of the hotel or in the phone book of the city.


Some cooperatives or taxis companies in Quito and Ecuador often work with private cars, however, several of these cars do not have legal permission to work and some workers are independent drivers. For this reason and for your safety, we recommend the use of the yellow cabs that have their credentials to view (particularly in Quito). For more information about this topic visit our section of Taxis in Quito.


In the majority of tourist attractions there are the so called motto-taxis or bike-taxis, especially at beaches. Their prices are cheap. This mean of transport made short tours in the coastal cities.


Travel within their cities and the Ecuador is simple, however you must take into account these basic tips to be transported easily and safely.


Another option that you have is the car rent. If you are going to travel within the country it is important to remember in Ecuador we drive on the right. In addition to the highway Paramericana that crosses the country from the Colombian border to the Peruvian border, there is a wide system of roads that connect the Ecuador.


It is better to purchase a road map before you begin your trip. You must take into account that along the way you will find several tolls, points of payment required for the maintenance of roads, in which one or two dollars should be paid. In rainy season, it is preferable to rent high cars since the paved roads are deteriorated and have washouts, commonly known here under the name of “baches”.

For more information read our section: Rent a car in Ecuador.


You have to know this

One of the more comfortable and safe ways to move around in Ecuador is the taxi, in the case of large cities, it is recommended to use only yellow cabs that have their credentials.


In small towns and more isolated cities, the means of transport that replaces the taxi is the truck; this do not have a taximeter, and is recommended to agree the cost of the service before getting into the car.


It’s recommended that you get a Vial Ecuador Guide. You can buy it at any Bookstore, shop at the airport or tourist information center.

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