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To move around the Ecuadorian towns and cities, the taxi is the more secure mean of transport, as well as being relatively cheap.




The most accessible, popular and affordable option is the bus service. The cities of Quito and Guayaquil have integrated transport systems; in the city of Quito they are: the trolleybus, the MetrobusQ and the Ecovia. These urban transport systems are modern, fast and efficient. These big buses approximately carry 200 passengers per trip and their terminals have articulated buses that go to different neighborhoods of Quito.


However, please be careful with you belongings in these services due to the large influx of people. Currently the Ecovia, and Trolebus services operate 24 hours a day. More information in our section of integrated transport in Quito. (Transporte integrado en Quito).


The main means of transport have unique ways with fixed stops. The service is cheap, it costs $0.25. This price usually includes also the right to use buses that work linked with these systems into any of the three services. These buses go toward specific neighborhoods of the city, several of them in the peripherals.


These three transport systems cross the city from North to South, so their demand is great and the crowds between 07h00 and 09h00, and from 17h00 are common, because it’s the time when the majority of offices start and finish the customer’s attention. For more information follow our link of transportation services in Quito.

The Metrovia in Guayaquil works in the same way, from 06h00 to 24h00.


In addition to these services, in large cities you can almost go to any place in a public bus. The service is also cheap, costs $0.25 for adults, and $0.12 cents for children, students, elderly and disabled. There are busses that only carry seated passengers and whose tours begin at 05h30 am. You must take into account that it is common that in cities, mainly in the Sierra, the buses do not work beyond 22h00.


In the other hand, in the coastal cities he, buses can circulate until 24h00. Bus transport is very safe, only take precautions in case of agglomeration, move you belongings to your front and not hang them on you shoulders or your back.


For longer distances, Ecuador has national and international long distance bus services. The last ones connect with the frontier towns of Colombia and Peru via the panamericana. If you are not too demanding, this is the ideal means of transport because of the low prices and possibilities of mobilization practically to all corners of the country.


It is better to purchase a bus tickets in advance, especially on holidays. It is imperative to always carry your passport and a photocopy when traveling by bus because it is frequent to have police controls or military control, even when you travel at night. Requisitions are more frequent in the costa region and Amazon Region.


The buses are used by the majority of the population of our country and much of tourists to travel within the Ecuador.


The value of the passages varies according to the distance you want to travel and service (public or private) that the traveler chooses.


Short distances price of tickets may vary from $3 to $5, and for longer journeys, the price can reach up to $15, values that also depends on the kind of service that you choose. Express service for example, takes you to your destination without intermediate stops (with a small increase in the price).


For inter-provincial travel you should go to the Terminales Terrestres of any city in the country, these are the indicated places to take the bus. In these stations, there is a wide range of companies to reach any destination of Ecuador. Remember that some transport companies have own terminals but almost all of them make an obligatory stop in the Terminal Terrestre on arrival and departure. We recommend our article of the bus terminal stations in Ecuador.


You have to know this

If your priority is the economy, we recommend you, as far as possible, the Ecuadorian bus service.


Although in Guayaquil this service tends to be insecure, in the rest of the country it is not, and is sometimes the only way to get to certain places.


For more information of this mean of transport in Quito, we recommend visiting our sections of urban Buses in Quito, integrated systems of transport in Quito, and interregional Buses in Ecuador.

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