Other services: rail and boats
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To move around the Ecuadorian towns and cities, the taxi is the more secure mean of transport, as well as being relatively cheap.




An alternative option that crosses specific provinces is the railway. The country has a railway that is not widely used as a frequent mean of transport but rather as a tourist attraction. The Ecuador railroad offers a variety of options to visitors. Landscapes and routes are of great natural and environmental beauty because the railway passes through the mountain system of the Andes where you can see ravines, meadows, rivers and canyons.


This mean of transport is one of the most entertaining ways to visit the Ecuador. For more information, please read our article about the railway station in Quito, which has a link to the railway company in Ecuador. For more information of the routes of the trains in Ecuador follow the link. Another option are tourist information points that exist in all Ecuador or the travel agency you choose.


In other places such as beaches and lagoons, is it also common to find boats service. Boats and canoes with rates from $2 to $ 10 travel short distances. The Seaway is usually used in several places in Ecuador, especially in the Amazon because of its uneven and wooded geography becomes the most important and sometimes the only way to access destinations and towns. There are always small motorized canoes or boats that offer transportation with native guides in all those towns. The price varies according to the distance and the destination. Before the trip you need to verify the cost you will pay.


The Coast region also uses this mean of transport which is also a major tourist attraction depending on the season. Short sea excursions are well known during the season of humpback whales. The rocky coastline of Ecuador is quite dangerous in certain places, but the native guides and small craft have experience and Knowledge of their land and granted a safe trip. In the vast majority of the coast and the Amazon rainforest, is very common to travel by the rivers in canoes with capacity for 25 people.


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A historical mean of transportation in Ecuador is in the process of being fully reactivated. We speak about the train which actually offers its services to tourist destinations of the Sierra and coast of Ecuador. You can learn more in our article about the railway station in Quito, Chimbacalle neighborhood.


In the coast and the Amazon the boat is a frequent mean of transport. In our country the boat could be named in different ways and has many nicknames according to their type in different places of Ecuador, and for certain places is the only way to travel.

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