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Quito is exactly located in the parallel 0° 15′ 0″ to the South, and 78 ° 35′ 24″ to west. This city is capital of the province of Pichincha and capital of the Republic of Ecuador, that’s why is not difficult to locate it.



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Ecuador is located at the top of South America, in the Pacific coast. It’s specifically located between Colombia, Peru and Brazil. It is located in the parallel 0 or Equator.


How to get to Quito? Quito is the capital city of Ecuador; there are flights from major international airports. For more information visit our page of Quito airport.


If you are coming from a neighboring country (either Colombia or Peru) you may travel by bus. This method is much cheaper tan travelling by plane.


From Colombia to Quito, you must take a bus that will take you to the border city of Ipiales. There you should take another bus that will carry you to the border between Ecuador and Colombia which is called Rumichaca. The cost of the bus is not more than one dollar. Be sure to register you departure from the country on the side of Colombia migration before moving to the Ecuadorian side. Please have your Passport, personal documents, and meats of vaccines and immunizations.


Once at the other end of the Rumichaca Bridge, be sure to register the entry to the country on the side of Ecuador , in Migration, in the same way you should have all necessary documents. Once you have done this, take a bus to the city of Tulcán (capital of the Carchi province), this bus costs one dollar. When you arrive in Tulcan, there you will find some routes that go to Quito, the time of the journey is close to 7 hours and cost almost five dollars.


On the other hand, from Peru to Quito, you have to go to the city of Tumbes, from there you should take a taxi to the border town of Aguas Verdes, it costs $10. You can also take a van which costs approximately $5, although it is often much more insecure. In Aguas Verdes you must seal your departure from the country in Peru migration, and as mentioned earlier, have the necessary documents.


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To go to Quito, as well as the vast majority of cities on the Mainland, there are two ways: air and land.

You can go to Quito from the main airports of the world.


In the case that you wish to migrate overland, there are some ways, mainly by bus.


Border crossing between Ecuador and Colombia, and especially between Ecuador and Peru, are a little dangerous so it is recommended to be very cautious.


Another option is the international buses that offer more convenience although they are not very cheap.

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