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Then you must cross the boundary, it is usually done walking and since it is a long stretch is recommended to be very careful with your belongings and not paying attention to any offer. Often there are taxis that run this crossing but you have to be well informed if they are insurance or not.
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Taxis are less recommendable than cross the border walking. Once you have arrive in the Ecuadorian side, in the town of Huaquillas, the first thing you need to do is to register you entry into the country in Ecuador migration, remember to have the necessary documents. Once you have completed the paperwork you can easy take a bus to Loja, and from Loja a bus to Quito, which would be there in 12 hours of travel.


There are buses that can help you avoiding the inconvenience of changing bus and tend to go straight. The best known are the so-called Ormeño Express. Most of these buses depart from Lima (Peru) to multiple destinations, among them is Quito. The disadvantage is that they are more expensive than the trip by any other bus, the cost surrounding the $70.


We remind you that the buses that travel long distances within Ecuador typically charge 1USD per hour of travel, although prices are already established to most cities and towns, thus if the bus arrives later and the trip take more time (for any reason) will not be charged more than established; In addition, the cost of the bus must be paid before boarding it.


In the case of buses to Quito, it will not be necessary to make any reservation. Most of then can be taken at the same instant that are coming out. In the case of flights to Quito, it is necessary you make your reservation in advance.


We remind you that, if you have big luggage, it is preferable to take a taxi even in case of distances relatively short. Otherwise, you can go walking (if you have find out in advance that the area is not dangerous), or you can take a bus. The busses usually let passengers where they ask.


If you want more information about how to travel around once in Quito, we suggest you to visit the pages of how to move around in Quito, and transportation service in Quito.

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