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Books and Ecuador travel guides can be found independently or in compendium with other Latin American countries travel guides like Peru, Bolivia and Colombia.


The individual book or the compendium can provide you significant help if you came to our country.


There are several guides on the market, mainly in the English language. The most commonly used by tourists are Lonely Planet and the Trotamundos Guide. In these and other travel guides tourists will find useful information about tourist destinations to visit within Ecuador.


The travel guides provide basic information and general information about history and culture, but take into account that the vast majority of descriptions and stories are not cultural research or historical articles, not even close to serious studies. The descriptions are global assessments that do not necessarily are the reality of the country.


For example, in many guides is mentioned that the history of the Ecuador begins with the arrival of the Incas from the current Peru. But, the confederations and nationalities of the current Ecuador have a history of more than 10,000 years ago and the Inca conquest occurred in 1500 B.C, in the last stage of our history. On the subject of history and culture you should be curious, (you can go to our sections of Ecuador History, Quito History, and People and Culture of Ecuador), but be careful to take information guides as a source of consultation or research because many of them have not reliable data.


In order to visit Ecuador these are the travel guides we recommend:


Ecuador, guía para viajeros
Publisher: Group Samana
Company: 4 winds SCC
Language: Spanish
Origen: Quito, Ecuador
Year of Edition: 2010
Price: 16.50 USD

Ecuador y las Islas Galápagos
Publisher : Local Ecuador Edition
Autor: Viva Travel Guides
Language: English
Origen: Quito-Ecuador
Edition: July, 1998
Price: 16,00 USD

Let's Go Ecuador
Author: Let's Go Inc.
First Edition: Islas Galápagos (Paperback)
Language: English

Ecuador y las Islas Galápagos
Lonely Planet Guías de Viajes (Paperback)
Author: Rob Rachowiecki, Danny Palmerlee, Rob Rachowiecki, Danny Palmerlee
Editorial: Lonely Planet Publications, 6th edition (august, 2003)
Language: English

Author: Ortega, Pilar
Edition: 2nd Edition, 2010
Language: Spanish

Ecuador, Galápagos (Guías Océano)
Several authors
Publisher: Océano, 2005
Language: Spanish
Edition: 1rst Edition

Luna Ecuador y las Islas Galápagos (manuales de la luna)
Author: Julian Smith Jean Brown
Publisher: Avalon Travel Publishing
Edition: 4th edition (February, 2009)
Language: English

The new key to Ecuador and the Galapagos
Author: David Pearson
Publisher: Best Book Manufactures
Edition: 1st edition, 1997
Origin: Canada

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