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If you are planning a trip is suggested to do a detailed list of the things you will need, so is easier to pack your bags.


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For that reason It‘s practical to pack your trip suitcase a week before to be able to have all the necessary elements and legal documents. Remember that the majority of documents need more time to be issued.


If you are packing your bags, follow the next suggestions. To have a light suitcase it’s recommended to pack just the essential items and try to take out clothes or accessories, rather than increase them. Remember that the weight of the luggage will be uncomfortable regardless the quality of the journey you make. In addition, while more luggage carrying, it will take more time to go through customs and you could need to pay extra weight or put your bags under customs control. If you plan to travel to Ecuador and other South American countries, the customs control is demanded in some bounds for the control of drug trafficking and the illegal exchanges of products.


Bring comfortable clothes easy to wash. Even if you think to travel to the Andean regions of our country, it is not necessary to bring bulky clothes. It’s better to wear thin cotton clothes, one garment over another, and only a thick sweater, preferably waterproof sweater. Try not pack synthetic clothes because this material won’t let your body breathe well, and it will make your body sweat.


If you are travelling to warm regions bring lightweight clothing and sweaters for the nights. But remember that it’s not recommendable to wear very short and light clothes which show arms and legs. If you came from distant countries from the equator, you will have lack of tolerance to the Sun of our region. In addition you will be exposed to mosquitoes as dengue and malaria.


A list of the basic things that should not be forgotten is:


Identity card
Driving license (recommended)
Pen and notebook
Photocopy of Passport


Insect repellent, etc.
Light blanket
Small handbag

Hygiene products:

Shampoo, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Soap (these utensils are usually found in hotels of good category, shops or supermarkets) (it is recommended to carry liquid soap).
A towel
Plugs for the ears


Technological resources:
Photo Camera, memory card and charger
Cell phone and charger
Flash memory for the registration of photos and documents


First-aid kit:
Common drugs for headache, muscle pain or stomach pain which may be obtained without a medical prescription
You can also pack gauzes, bandages, alcohol
Bring vitamins for daily consumption

Financial resources:
Credit card, checkbook, traveler
Cash - avoid high denomination banknotes.
A small calculator - check the monetary conversion via the internet
A kangaroo to be used within clothing


Entertainment, information:

Tourist guides.
Magazines, books, games and music.

Clothing and basic resources:

Medium backpack for daily use
Mountain boots (recommended not wear new shoes)
Use a fluid-proof separate bag, to hygiene articles. It is important not to forget carry plastic bags.
Light pants, t-shirts and light sweaters.


You have to know this


For any trip, a packing list is always recommended, at least a week in advance to avoid any lack of care.


For a trip you must pack the essential items, clothing and elements. Remember that while lighter you travel is better and more comfortable.


Avoid carrying luxury objects or very expensive and fragile, as jewelry or expensive electronic equipment.

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