TRAVEL TIPS: Introduction
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In this section you will find travel tips, useful for tourists that want to visit Ecuador.


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First of all, let’s start on the packing list, then on proper clothing for the four climatic regions of the Ecuador, technological implements, legal documents, certificates of vaccination, hygiene implements, up-to-date travel guide, basic first aid kit and accessories like mountain shoes, sunscreen, etc.


About the required documentation to enter the country, there are two types of visas for foreigners: “no-migrante” visa and “migrante”, immigrant visa. Other requirement to enter Ecuador is vaccination: it is advised that all visitors who wish to enter possess the certificate of vaccination against the yellow fever. This vaccine is not requested for entering the main cities of Ecuador, but if you want to enter the Ecuadorian Amazon you should be vaccinated, minimum eight days before, especially if you wish to visit any ecological reserve.


In this section you will also find general tips for health care and safety during your trip. Which things you can eat the first days? How to protect your skin from the sun radiation of the Equator? How to avoid colds and respiratory diseases during the first week of visit?


Commonly, many of the health problems that visitors face during the first days are associated with excess on meals. Ecuadorian food has condiments different from which tourists usually eat and this usually causes problems, so the recommendation is to drink plenty of fluids. In addition, the use of clothing out of place is one of the main causes of flus and colds in aliens. Using lightweight clothing in cities of the Sierra, such as Quito, is not advisable because the weather is highly variable, and usually when the day dawns sunny, the afternoon is common to have rain and blizzards.


Finally, we suggest you to read the general recommendations on security. We advise you to be careful when exposing valuable items around the neck or body such as cameras, kangaroos, camcorders, etc.


To learn more about these advices and avoid exposure to unsafe situations it is important that you follow the tips and advices detailed in our guide. You can also consult books and Ecuador travel guides where you can find other valuable info about Ecuador.


You will also find useful tips for traveling and moving around Ecuador. To move around Ecuador represents a problem for tourists, but with the right information you can travel without difficulty in our territory. The article provided details information on the different transports that our country has.


Costs are high or low depending on the quality of the trip you choose. There are also economic choices for national tourists and foreigners. Find about the places you wish to visit and their opening hours. Make sure to always carry with you the migration documentation.


If during the journey you have any problem and need counseling, as a tourist you can count with government entities such as:


Fiscalía de Turismo del Ministerio de Turismo

(The Attorney of the Ministry of Tourism)
Address: Ave. Eloy Alfaro and Carlos Tobar.
Ministerio de Turismo - Quito.
Phones:(593 2) 222-4972 / (593 2)250-7557.


Fiscalía del Ministerio de Turismo (which also takes care about criminal cases) opens from 8h00 to 11h30 and from 14h00 to 17h30


Servicio de Seguridad Turística de la Policía Nacional

(Tourist Security Service by the National Police Force)
Address: Ave. Amazonas and Juan Pablo Sanz. Quito.
Phone: (593 2) 244-7392


In addition, for mediations and demands in cases of civil nature, there are several notaries throughout the country.


Country Name
República del Ecuador



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120V - 60Hz


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GMT / UTC -5


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